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Revelation 17:6



6 And [kai] I saw [eido] the woman [gune] drunken [methuo] with [ek] the blood [haima] of the saints, [hagios] and [kai] with [ek] the blood [haima] of the martyrs [martus] of Jesus: [Iesous] and [kai] when I saw [eido] her, [autos] I wondered [thaumazo] with great [megas] admiration. [thauma] KJV-Interlinear



6 And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. And when I saw her, I wondered greatly. NASB



The woman represents the evil policy of all anti-God beliefs, all religion, all philosophies and so forth which stand in opposition to truth. Typically this symbol is used to identify and describe false theology.

And here is the indictment of the evils and criminal activities of religion.

All opposition toward truth is charged with and guilty of, murder.

And the victim or target of evil, includes all believers throughout history, whether they died as martyrs or simply as believers growing old who have died from old age or some other means of death.

When God created Adam, He gave the world to those who belonged to Him. Satan came along and deceived Adam and thus stole that which God had given Adam.

However, Adam repented and believed, and became the first of many billions or trillions of believers that would come from history.

Were it not for Satan, and his policies of deception and lies, there would be no conflict, but yet Satan has been here and has deceived huge numbers of people throughout the ages, and as such, conflict has been the thorn in the side of humanity in all of human history.

On the one hand you have Gods gift and on the other side you have opposition to that gift. And since only family members can receive family gifts, then non-family must get rid of family and steal that which does not belong to them. That in a nut shell is the course of history.

History has been filled with religion and the rules of religion, which seek to set themselves apart as the chosen, when they are not. While God on the other hand represents and is truth, and has actually set apart those who believe in Him, as separate from the world and its false beliefs.

While, unbelievers get drunk, intoxicated, absorbed with the philosophies of the world, so too the false beliefs of the world get drunk, intoxicated, absorbed with ridding the world of believers.

And John saw this picture of the false, murdering truth, and the picture was so great that he was amazed. Amazed in a couple of ways. First, that is was so vast and complex an enterprise, encompassing innumerable systems of beliefs and non-beliefs, and second that though it is right in front of people and obvious, and has been around forever (seemingly), and yet people have difficulty in noticing it or recognizing it.



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