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Daily Bible Study
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Revelation 17:13



13 These [houtos] have [echo] one [mia] mind, [gnome] and [kai] shall give [diadidomai] their [heautou] power [dunamis] and [kai] strength [exousia] unto the beast. [therion] KJV-Interlinear



13 "These have one purpose and they give their power and authority to the beast. NASB



The leadership of the world will rally around the anti-christ. This is their sole purpose.

If you remember our study in Daniel, then you recall from the study of Nebuchadnezzar that it is God who promotes and demotes everyone, especially world leaders, in accordance with His will. No person has any right nor basis by means of arrogance to presume that it is they who have achieved anything in life.

Remember God controls history. He does this directly by means of His sovereign will (He created the universe, life, etc.), by means of His indirect will (the laws of divine establishment), and by means of His permissive will (the exercise of mans volition).

He allows people to choose their own leaders, whether rightly or wrongly. The leaders of the world, though placed in office by God, does not mean that they are spiritual nor even in compliance with Gods will. Most leaders are evil, incompetent, and fail in their capacity as leaders. It is the grace of God that prevents humanity from destroying itself, not political policy.

When the tribulation comes along, the anti-christ will appoint his own leaders. Puppets if you will. They will not be independent, self governing, or self made thinkers as leaders, but will bow very low to their leader, the anti-christ.

They will not only do his bidding, but they will do it with enthusiasm. And exactly what will they do? That is described in the next few verses. They are going to lead history's most incredible and most horrendous genocide attempt against all Jews and Christians.

And that is putting it mildly.



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