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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study
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Revelation 17:17



17 For [gar] God [theos] hath put [didomi] in [eis] their [autos] hearts [kardia] to fulfil [poieo] his [autos] will, [gnome] and [kai] to agree [poieo] [mia], [gnome] and [kai] give [didomi] their [autos] kingdom [basileia] unto the beast, [therion] until [achri] the words [rhema] of God [theos] shall be fulfilled. [teleo] KJV-Interlinear



17 "For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God should be fulfilled. NASB



Jesus Christ controls history. Although it is Satan's plan, and it is the decision of his many followers, it is God in eternity past who looked down through the tunnel of time and saw what every person, what every angel, what every demon, would think, decide and do.

And it is God who brought all of these elements of history together at their proper moment in time. Such that all of Gods words, all of Gods prophecies, which He had already foreseen, would in fact come to pass.

Suppose you watch a game on television, and record it. Suppose you think of the first look as viewing into the future, and then the playback from the recording, as the actual historical event of the game.

You neither controlled the game, nor made any decisions of the players during the game, but since you have already seen the game, then when you play it back, nothing will change. You can know the outcome before the game ever starts, and you know all of the actions during the game.

But suppose you are the coach, and suppose you could substitute players at will on both teams, to obtain a different outcome, then you could select the outcome you wanted depending on how you inserted players into the game, and then you could select the best game outcome as the one you would permit to occur.

Now play the game over, live this time, and that is a picture of Gods divine decrees that He established in eternity past.

God creates life and God takes it away (putting in and pulling out players in history). Who else is able to do that?

And since it is God, then everything certainly works together for good and truth and for the best outcome for all.

And so, prior to and during the Tribulation, God will insert people into history, who will make the decisions that they will make on their own, and those decisions will result in everything that has been foretold by the scriptures.

Certainly everyone has the opportunity to change their minds and use the scriptures as their guide, but they won't.

Take yourself. Knowing all that you know, what do you believe? What do you accept? What will you do with your life given what you know?

You see, God knows everything about you, but he does not force you into any decision you make. You do that yourself.

And at the end of the tribulation, there will be world leaders, and even masses of peoples on the planet who will make their collective decisions, even though they will be first hand witnesses of all of the events that will occur right before their eyes.

The common purpose of world leaders and peoples at that time, is evil. Evil that they will bring onto themselves.

God saw it in eternity past, recorded it in the scriptures for all of us to be aware of, and He will allow it to occur in real-time when the Tribulation occurs at some time in the future.



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