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Revelation 18:9


9 And [kai] the kings [basileus] of the earth, [ge] who [ho] have committed fornication [porneuo] and [kai] lived deliciously [streniao] with [meta] her, [autos] shall bewail [klaio] her, [autos] and [kai] lament [kopto] for [epi] her, [autos] when [hotan] they shall see [blepo] the smoke [kapnos] of her [autos] burning, [purosis] KJV-Interlinear


9 "And the kings of the earth, who committed acts of immorality and lived sensuously with her, will weep and lament over her when they see the smoke of her burning, NASB


Nothing reveals the absolute hardness of attitudes and selfishness of world leadership and of the general population, as does this verse and the next.

Just seven years earlier, immediately prior to the Rapture, the world will have been enjoying some semblance of prosperity and stability. Certainly there will be problems in the world just as there are today, but there will exist, just as today, magnificent cities, and geographic panorama scenes, commerce and transportation and a the busy activity of human activity all over the world.

Despite the negatives, there will be phenomenal positives throughout the world.

And then the Rapture, and God will turn over the management of the world to Satan, and his Babylon philosophy, complete with all of its opinions and attitudes and regulations and world management beliefs.

And just as the world will be leaning heavily toward the socialistic philosophies that have been evolving during this past century, but have been manageable because of divine establishment principles to counter their negative effects, then immediately after the Rapture, the only difference prior to and immediately after the Rapture will be the presence or absence of Gods restraint on sin.

The world situation will begin to immediately turn downward and will continue to spiral downward on a seven year nosedive, never pulling out of it.

The memories of the prior prosperity will still be in the minds of people, but the source of that prosperity will be attributed to the cosmos policies known as Babylon, rather than Christ.

In our current verse, the leadership, the celebrities, the elites of the world will lament, grieve, mourn over the collapse of the system that provided for them, their livelihood. A livelihood that came at the expense of others. Their power, wealth, and adoration they sought after and so forth. And that is what they will miss.

Before them, of those who are still alive by the end of the Tribulation, will be a smoke filled, dark, burning world. Cities in collapse, all public facilities destroyed, all commerce terminated, death and destruction extending as far as the eye can see and beyond.

With suffering and crime and despair abounding beyond description, and yet the worlds elite will care nothing for the sorrow of others, but only of the sorrow of their own loss of elevated status. This is the quintessence of the absence of emotional empathy and conscience regarding others.

Their sorrow will not be simple sadness over their own loss, but an out of control wailing over their own loss. Such will be the magnitude of the detachment from reality and dignity, and utter selfishness to which the world will fall in just a few short years. Never once considering that it was all their own fault.

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