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Revelation 18:11


11 And [kai] the merchants [emporos] of the earth [ge] shall weep [klaio] and [kai] mourn [pentheo] over [epi] her; [autos] for [hoti] no man [oudeis] buyeth [agorazo] their [autos] merchandise [gomos] any more: [ouketi] KJV-Interlinear


11 "And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more; NASB


First, the leadership or elites or celebrities of the world will be in dismay because the entire system that contributed to their way of life and ego and power and celebrityship will be no more. They loved the philosophy of the anti-christ government and their high role and privilege, they received as a result. Now that is gone.

Next, the merchants, which applies to all of the industry of the world. This includes the planting, excavation, mining, transportation, manufacturing, and resale of everything imaginable. These are now non-existent.

We have already seen how the weather has changed, how fresh water supplies have dried up, how famine has led to worldwide starvation, and isn't it a wonder that all of the storms and natural catastrophes, have caused virtually all public utilities, roads, bridges, and so forth to cease to exist.

Today, when these things occur, they are always limited to a local region, and help is generally just hours or days away. But in that future day, the entire world will be in the midst of disaster, and there will be no one to come to the aid of anyone.

Combine all of these things together with roving gangs and even small armies, bent on killing and rapping and robbing, then is it a wonder that the entire economic world has come to a halt.

Again, the weeping is not just the whimper of a cry, but this weeping is total out of control misery combined with the terror of the unknown of what lay ahead for each individual person. Disaster is all around and answers and help do not exist, such will be the total decay of the planet.

That is why it is said, that people will cry for their own death, just to bring an end to the intense misery. But while some are in tears, others will be on a rampage of terror out of their own hate and rage.

This chapter paints a picture of a world that has gone totally out of control, and at the bottom of it all is the philosophy of Babylon, which is the brain child of Satan, and made up of every principle that runs counter to all of the principles of truth.

Total departure from truth, brings total disaster and failure and worse.

You can easily apply this principle to your own life. If you reject or disregard truth, then what should you expect?

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