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Revelation 18:14


14 And [kai] the fruits [opora] that thy [sou] soul [psuche] lusted after [epithumia] are departed [aperchomai] from [apo] thee, [sou] and [kai] all things [pas] which [ho] were dainty [liparos] and [kai] goodly [lampros] are departed [aperchomai] from [apo] thee, [sou] and [kai] thou shalt find [heurisko] them [autos] no more [ouketi] at all. [ou me] KJV-Interlinear


14 "And the fruit you long for has gone from you, and all things that were luxurious and splendid have passed away from you and men will no longer find them. NASB


We have already studied the list of things, that will fade out of existence, but this verse is not just a continuation of the list, it reveals a much stronger problem.

There are two words in this verse that are of interest.

First, the words for dainty and goodly, 'liparos,' and 'lampros.' These are general references to things, possessions of all kinds.

And second, the word for no more, 'ouketi.' This in the Greek is a double, double negative, which is an extremely strong reference meaning never ever again.

The merchants, and people in general, lusted, desired, made important to themselves more than anything else, the 'things' of life.

Their possessions were more important to them than anything else. These included various foods, 'fruits,' which is also a reference to things of desire.

Possessions were as desirable foods, to be possessed, adored, gazed upon, and consumed into the mind. Precious fruits are eaten, smelled, tasted, and there is never enough of a fresh and juicy fruit of ones love. And so too are the possessions of man.

But what humanity will come to want, and will replace their spiritual life with, are possessions which are at best temporary.

A fruit is smelled, tasted, enjoyed and swallowed, and then its affect is lost. It is passed through the body and then discharged with obvious results. So too are mans possessions.

The general population at the end of the Tribulation, will have their things, and then they will be gone, and this time, gone forever. They will never have anything ever again, forever. And so their tears will flow for their loss of things now. Totally ignoring their option to believe in Christ, and change all of that.

Never mind they have lost something far, even infinitely greater, their spiritual life, but their minds are set upon that which is temporary and was never designed to last forever.

They cry over the dust, and disregard the diamonds they could have owned forever.

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