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Revelation 18:21


21 And [kai] a [heis] mighty [ischuros] angel [aggelos] took up [airo] a stone [lithos] like [hos] a great [megas] millstone, [mulos] and [kai] cast [ballo] it into [eis] the sea, [thalassa] saying, [lego] Thus [houto] with violence [hormema] shall [ballo] that great [megas] city [polis] Babylon [Babulon] be thrown down, [ballo] and [kai] shall be found [heurisko] no more [ou me] at all. [eti] KJV-Interlinear


21 And a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, "Thus will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer. NASB


Millstones are big round stones that may be about six feet (two meters) in diameter and perhaps a foot or more thick. A foot is about a third of a meter. They are extremely heavy stones and used to roll over grain and crush it into flour.

A great millstone is a millstone that is greater than the norm, and therefore much larger than people are used to seeing or using.

The angel took a great millstone and tossed it into the sea, to symbolize the downfall of Babylon.

When someone throws a large rock into the water, it creates a huge splash, and then sinks almost immediately to the bottom. And there it remains.

That is the meaning of this symbolic act of the angel.

With great violence and permanency, Babylon is going to be destroyed and thus removed not only from the world, but also from permanently out of sight, forever.

Babylon is Satan's plans. Babylon is mans plans. Babylon is all of the combined plans of evil, of which all run contrary to Gods plan and design.

Interestingly, the other day I mentioned the liberal thinking of society in our world today, and some folks got insulted over my simple words. Why will we not be surprised when all of these ideas overtake the world and then fall on their own swords (so to speak). Almost like it was written and meant to be. How would anyone get that idea? The idea of the worlds self destruction from its own thinking and plans.

And imagine if folks get perturbed over a few word now, then how much worse will things be in the future.

For over 6000 years the Lord has controlled history, and despite all of the evil that has existed during all of that time, Christ has managed to perpetuate life.

But in less that seven years, Satan and man will have their way, and they will all but destroy humanity to the point of near extinction. That is the big splash, and the sunken ship of carnal thinking, and it will go down not in peace, but in a huge splash of violence, and then sink to the bottom of the ocean (symbolically), never to be heard from again.

When the Tribulation ends, and when the Millennium begins, Satan's plans and mans plans will not be a part of that Millennial reign of Christ. He and He alone will rule and peace and prosperity, and no war, and no disease will be present, and none of the usual political and public policies that we have now, will be present.

And as we will see shortly, all of life's even normal activities, as it has existed under mans rule, will cease.

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