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Revelation 19:14


14 And [kai] the armies [strateuma] which were [ho] in [en] heaven [ouranos] followed [akoloutheo] him [autos] upon [epi] white [leukos] horses, [hippos] clothed [enduo] in fine linen, [bussinos] white [leukos] and [kai] clean. [katharos]KJV-Interlinear


14 And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses. NASB


In ancient times, when a king led his army, it often times consisted of several cultures of peoples. These all assembled together into separate groups according to their culture or nationality, and formed armies within the single greater army led by the king.

When the Second Advent occurs, Christ will lead His single army, made up of many armies, made up of many cultures and peoples from around the world from the Church Age.

Only one group is identified in the Bible as wearing the clothing of 'fine' linen, and that is the Bride previously identified.

They have been in heaven and are herein identified as being in heaven when Christ begins His journey back to the earth.

This is the Bride who has been Raptured, presented, and cleansed and evaluated and rewarded and now is given white horses just like that of Christ. Old Testament and Tribulational believers will not receive their resurrection until after the Second Advent, so they are not in view here.

Christ is the Lord of Lords and King of kings and as royalty rides a white war horse. Likewise, the Church Age believers are royal family, and as such will ride white war horses as well. No other group in history will have such an honor.

A war horse is one of whose stamina is exceeded only by its tenacious desire to make the charge. Big and powerful, courageous and without fear, will be the horses that we will ride into battle, the final battle of all the ages.

We will go with Christ, the largest army ever assembled, and yet we will be unarmed.

One can only imagine the size of the army and the scene, when tens of billions of Church Age believers clothed in white for battle, are each one given their very own horse, mounted and assembled in battle array, with long lines of mounted warriors. That will be our honor and pleasure and perhaps the highest point in our entire life.

Christ will lead the charge and we will all travel galloping across the expanse of space toward earth, stopping when we arrive in the upper atmosphere, while Christ alone will descend to the ground and end the war of wars in literally seconds.

All through the book of Revelation there is symbolism for many concepts and scenes, however, in this scene, the symbolism is not of horses, but of a vast army mounted and riding into battle with a literal purpose and destination. So, you can be sure that the horses are very real and the charge is very real and the result will also, be very real.

When that day arrives, just don't fall off of your horse and embarrass us all!

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