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Revelation 19:18


18 That [hina] ye may eat [phago] the flesh [sarx] of kings, [basileus] and [kai] the flesh [sarx] of captains, [chiliarchos] and [kai] the flesh [sarx] of mighty men, [ischuros] and [kai] the flesh [sarx] of horses, [hippos] and [kai] of them that sit [kathemai] on [epi] them, [autos] and [kai] the flesh [sarx] of all [pas] men, both free [eleutheros] and [kai] bond, [doulos] both [kai] small [mikros] and [kai] great. [megas] KJV-Interlinear


18 in order that you may eat the flesh of kings and the flesh of commanders and the flesh of mighty men and the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them and the flesh of all men, both free men and slaves, and small and great."  NASB


The elite, the kings, the would be experts of the world, those who have opposed God and doctrine, the arrogant, the proud, all who have rejected truth replacing it with their own substituted philosophies and opinions.

All of these will in those final days, become food for the birds. They will lie in the mud of destruction, rotting with their flesh and brains of intelligence melting away in the sun and sludge of their own false beliefs and lusts.

And all of this destruction will occur in less than a heartbeat when Christ returns.

Today, the world faces many dire forecasts of destruction, with oil reserves projected to diminish or run out in the next few decades, with fresh water projected to reach low enough levels requiring rationing, with foolish human ideas of inventing a world currency to replace the dollar and gold as the world standard (a self destruct bomb for all economies), and so forth.

All of these things and more, even with monster earthquakes and tsunami's in view in the near future, such as the one we have just witnessed in Japan, the world on its own is pursuing a course of self destruction.

However, we know that regardless of all of the many problems that can and probably will arise, the world will not reach critical self destruct levels until after the Tribulation is well under way.

Certainly Satan would complain that he was given a defective world to manage, in his offensive against God.

But nothing happens by accident.

While all of these things are preventable and have solutions, the world will self-destruct due to human mismanagement, and not through natural causes.

Even after the Tribulation, when the Millennium begins, that 1000 year period will experience the greatest population numbers, the greatest prosperity, the greatest longevity in human history. There will not be any shortages or defects that folks can use as an excuse for any reason.

The only blame comes from folks even today, who ignore their daily Bible study. From folks who need to be entertained daily and perpetually otherwise they lose interest in a given subject. From folks who expect or take everything, and give nothing.

The pattern of self-destruction, has been laid down for a long time. Examples can be seen in the news, in what is happening currently in Wisconsin, and recently in Greece, in France, in Yugoslavia. Even in many other places in the world where crime and violence are the norm.

But among them all, none are so devastating as the selfishness and negative volition toward truth that exists worldwide. God is ignored or disregarded or replaced by some invented and selfish belief. Christ is rejected and replaced by some invented pseudo spirituality. Alternative life styles have become the norm. And people are just plain busy with things in life that they deem more important than the certain future which awaits us all.

And so God is ignored and indifference it the standard approach to life.

That is, until disaster hits home, then maybe, just maybe, some folks will wake up and consider God and doctrine in their life. But most of them will fall by the wayside because doctrine is just not interesting. Nothing seems to happen right now, so boredom sets in and doctrine gets set aside in most folks lives.

But there will come a day when all negative peoples will become choice morsels, but that prime state will not be what they had in mind, nor the final dinner and celebration of history when they become the main course.

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