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Revelation 19:20


20 And [kai] the beast [therion] was taken, [piazo] and [kai] with [meta] him [toutou] the false prophet [pseudoprophetes] that wrought [poieo] miracles [semeion] before [enopion] him, [autos] with [en] which [hos] he deceived [planao] them that had received [lambano] the mark [charagma] of the beast, [therion] and [kai] them that worshipped [proskuneo] his [autos] image. [eikon] These both [duo] were cast [ballo] alive [zao] into [eis] a lake [limne] of fire [pur] burning [kaio] with [en] brimstone. [theion] KJV-Interlinear


20 And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone.  NASB


The first beast, the anti-christ, and the second beast, the false prophet, Rev. 13:11-17, will be snatched up alive and thrown into the Lake of Fire and there they will remain forever.

Born into history just like every other human being, only these two will be given phenomenal talents for leadership and influence, and they will choose to use their abilities for evil rather than for good.

They will have every opportunity to believe in Christ and be saved. They will have every opportunity to use their talents for good, even as unbelievers. But, these two people will choose, with their eyes wide open, and fully knowing what they are doing, to pursue the policies of Satan, in hopes of ruling the world, and achieving their own arrogant hopes and lusts.

Their choices will lead to the destruction and suffering of millions and even billions of people, and the ultimate destruction of the entire human race.

The punishment fits the crime and when Christ returns, they will be caught up immediately and cast into the Lake of Fire, and there they will remain forever.

The Lake of Fire is referenced in several passages, Isa. 66:24, Matt 13:42, 25:41, Mk 9:48, Lk 3:17, 12:47, 16:23, 17:29.

The Lake of Fire is not a country club for the good old boys, but a place of eternal solitary confinement, eternal terror, eternal gnashing of teeth, eternal eating away at ones body (over, around, and through) by eternal worms, eternal torment and pain and suffering beyond imagination. It is a place of eternal darkness where nothing can be seen.

The Lake of Fire is not a good place, but a place that everyone should want to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately far too many people will refuse to believe in Jesus Christ and they will end up spending the rest of their eternity, in the most horrible place beyond imagine.

These two beasts will choose to be the most evil of all of humanity. And for their choices, they will not even see the end of their last and glorious battle.

What did Saddam say when he boasted about the mother of all battles? He boasted of his impending victory only to be pulled out of a hole in the ground, unshaven, holding onto a bag of money, and then within only a couple of years was executed on youtube for all to see.

These two beasts will not even have the luxury of hanging. They will be cast directly into hell. Be careful who you contract with, in life.

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