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Revelation 20:9


9 And [kai] they went up [anabaino] on [epi] the breadth [platos] of the earth, [ge] and [kai] compassed [kukloo] the camp [parembole] of the saints [hagios] about, [kukloo] and [kai] the beloved [agapao] city: [polis] and [kai] fire [pur] came down [katabaino] from [apo] God [theos] out of [ek] heaven, [ouranos] and [kai] devoured [katesthio] them. [autos] KJV-Interlinear


9 And they came up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, and fire came down from heaven and devoured them. NASB


Satan and his demon angels, will sweep around the globe and deceive and convince all who have not believed in Christ, to follow him and rebel against Christ.

They (unbelievers) will travel, by whatever means, to Jerusalem, and surround the city and those believers who are encamped around the city. The word for camp, 'parembole,' describes a Roman military barracks and the camp sites of groups around the perimeter of the city and in the city.

The occupants of the encampments in and around Jerusalem, will be believers who have decided to live as close as possible to Christ. This is not a quickly thrown up camp, but an established and long term encampment.

And, just as the final battle of the Tribulation, which will have occurred 1000 years earlier, ended quickly, so too, this final battle will end even quicker.

Armageddon will be a very bloody affair. This final battle will not.

Armageddon will end on the mountains of Israel. This final battle will end on the plains of Israel.

Recall, that at the end of the Tribulation, the world topography will be changed dramatically. Mountains will be no more. Islands will be no more. The continents will be reshuffled somehow. Rev. 16:20; Zech 14:4,9-11.

This final battle will be more of an execution, as when all of the unbelievers are assembled and ready to attack Jerusalem and its occupants, God, will bring fire down out of the sky, and all enemy forces will die instantaneously, consumed totally by the fire and removed from the earth.

In death, all of the unbelievers will go to Torments, as have all unbelievers before them, and there wait for their final judgment of the Great White Throne, which will happen shortly, and is described in verse 11 and following.

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