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Revelation 20:10


10 And [kai] the devil [diabolos] that deceived [planao] them [autos] was cast [ballo] into [eis] the lake [limne] of fire [pur] and [kai] brimstone, [theion] where [hopou] the beast [therion] and [kai] the false prophet [pseudoprophetes] are, and [kai] shall be tormented [basanizo] day [hemera] and [kai] night [nux] for [eis] ever [aion] and ever. [aion] KJV-Interlinear


10 And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. NASB


Not having learned anything throughout history, not having learned anything from a 1000 year imprisonment, Satan will immediately be thrown into the Lake of Fire, without further due process.

He will have run out of all of his options, and knowingly rejects God and all of the rules of probation, and as such, is subject to the sentence already pronounced against him.

When a person is convicted, he is usually given a sentence in accordance with recognized guidelines. Often times that sentence is reduced and or an early release is allowed with the understanding that the convicted person abides by the rules of probation. If the rules are violated, then the original sentence can be immediately imposed without further court proceedings, as all prior court proceedings have already occurred.

Satan will violate his probation by leading a rebellion, once again, against God, in an attempt to overthrow God. Thus, his original sentence is imposed immediately and he will be thrown, without any fanfare or formality, into the Lake of Fire.

Thus will end all chapters and book containing Satan. He will be in the Lake of Fire forever, never to be seen or heard from again.

It is again stated that the anti-christ (beast), and the false prophet, are already in the Lake of Fire.

In some cases the convicted and their crimes are so horrendous that they are not given any consideration for probation or any type of second chance. And as to the anti-christ and false prophet, by being thrown immediately into the Lake of Fire, indicates that their crimes are far beyond the norm for evil in history.

If we look back into history, we can see examples of extreme evils being committed. But all unbelievers when they die, go into Torments, and there await their time before the Great White Throne.

The anti-christ and the false prophet are never sent into Torments, but are sent directly into their sentence of the Lake of Fire. This makes it very clear that the time of the Tribulation, will be far beyond any evil that history has ever known. Anyone who tries to convince you that the tribulation is occurring or already has occurred, is a fool.

One wonders if all unbelievers will actually have a second chance to believe in Christ (given that they have been suffering extremes while in Torments) when they are brought before the Great White Throne, which is coming up in the next verse. Perhaps some will learn as Satan did not learn, and they will repent. Or perhaps the Great White Throne is there to further prove their stubbornness of unbelief.

In either case, that would be an extremely dangerous path to follow, and should not be followed as the Bible is very clear that unbelief leads to the Lake of Fire. Satan uses up all of his chances. The anti-christ and the false prophet are beyond repentance. Do not, do not follow their example.

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