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Revelation 21:26


26 And [kai] they shall bring [phero] the glory [doxa] and [kai] honour [time] of the nations [ethnos] into [eis] it. [autos] KJV-Interlinear


26 and they shall bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it; NASB


A continuation from verse 24, which referred to those who were saved, meaning all individual believers, also referring to kings, meaning that no earthly royalty or celebrity or leader will superimpose itself above the glory of God, and now the nations referring to believers who will come out of every corner of the world.

The gospel of Christ is universal and available to every human being throughout history.

Whether in reference to a messiah as prior to the Cross back to Adam, or to Christ since the Cross, all peoples have had access to the knowledge of or the evidence of deity from innumerable aspects of the world and universe around us all.

Today there are people, leaders, and nations from all over the world who all have varying degrees of ego, pride, opinions and so forth.

In the future, when the new universe comes into existence, all of those earthly glories, will cease, however, all of those peoples who are saved, will still exist and enter into the New Jerusalem, with the only glory that they will, by them, possess. Namely that of salvation and their spiritual life, which comes only from God.

There is only one legitimate glory in existence, and that is Gods glory.

What glory man will possess, is not from the source of man, but from the source of God.

Believers will come out of all nations, cultures, levels of society, and so forth.

Therefore, all philosophies, beliefs, cults, or whatever are specifically and categorically excluded from heaven and the new universe. This verse and this passage reinforces the truth that nothing out of this world, nothing out of this history, nothing out of this universe, will survive into the next.

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