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Revelation 22:1


1 And [kai] he shewed [deiknuo] me [moi] a pure [katharos] river [potamos] of water [hudor] of life, [zoe] clear [lampros] as [hos] crystal, [krustallos] proceeding [ekporeuomai] out of [ek] the throne [thronos] of God [theos] and [kai] of the Lamb. [arnion] KJV-Interlinear


1 And he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, NASB


Jerusalem is the city of peace. Its peace is based on the wisdom and provision of God. The throne of God is at the heart of the city. That is the location of the vast resources and essence of God.

From God, all things flow.

The river of life is a reference to eternal life, Isa 12:3; John 4:13-14; 7:38. This city and this river and this life, will exist and flow forever, and will never dry up, and will never rise or fall with the seasons, but will go on and on and on, continuously, steadily, and consistently forever.

From this throne flows a river of life. This may be a literal river of water, but it is certainly a symbolic river describing the support and resources, which God provides us all through Christ. Jesus Christ is the only figure of deity that sits, and upon His throne in Heaven no less. There is no other conduit, through which anything from God comes to us, except by means of Christ.

John has already stated that there is no sea. This river does not flow into an ocean, which then evaporates, making rain and thus forming the river again. This river originates from God, out of nothing, just as God is able to create all things out of nothing.

The seas of our world are of course the references to the nations of the world, contained in their designated places, but fighting and struggling through the natural rules, that God has established for human history. Anyway, the former cycles of human history will not exist in heaven.

This river of the water of life, originates from God, and flows to each and every believer in heaven and throughout heaven and the new universe.

Throughout the Bible are many references to God, to His humanity, to His sitting posture which combines both God and man in one person, the unique person of the universe, Jesus Christ.

And while all other religions fight the truth of Christ, and mock and try as they may to suggest that the Bible never makes any connection between God, God the Son, and Christ, then there are overwhelming references to Christ, His person, and purpose in life.

All life, and eternal life especially, flow from God. All resources originate from God.

And here the Bible makes it very clear that these things flow out from the throne of God, the seat of ultimate power and authority, currently held by Jesus Christ.

The Lamb is the reference to the sacrifice made by God, specifically Jesus, who went to the Cross to pay the price of sin and defeat of death, by which we all may have eternal life.

There is no other means, no other source of salvation and eternal life, and eternal provision by which we all may live.

The flow of life and provision, in heaven, is full, abundant, and will never cease for all of eternity.

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