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Revelation 22:3


3 And [kai] there shall be [esomai] no [ou] more [eti] [pas] curse: [katanathema] but [kai] the throne [thronos] of God [theos] and [kai] of the Lamb [arnion] shall be [esomai] in [en] it; [autos] and [kai] his [autos] servants [doulos] shall serve [latreuo] him: [autos] KJV-Interlinear


3 And there shall no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His bond-servants shall serve Him; NASB


In our history, that is the history of all creation, there were four beginnings. The first beginning is really eternity past, which is not really a beginning, but it pre-exists everything. 'In the beginning, which is not a beginning, in eternity past, God…' That is when God (Father, Son, Spirit) existed. God has always existed. There was never a time when He did not exist, Gen. 1:1.

The second beginning was when the angels were created. They were all created simultaneously and we know this because they were already in existence when the universe was created, Job 38:4-7.

The creation of the universe is the third creation. 'God created (out of nothing) the heavens and the earth.' But it was not created as we know it now. It was created perfect. The earth was created perfect. It was Satan who messed up the universe and the earth, as we know it, Isa. 45:18.

At some point in time, after the universe was created, Satan rebelled and the war between God and Satan began. The universe has been moaning, and continues to moan, from the pain of that rebellion ever since, Rom. 8:19-21.

Satan's rebellion is the first occurrence of the curse that has nagged at the universe and all of creation throughout history. The rebellion of Satan brought chaos and destruction into the universe. Thus, all life prior to humanity, died. We know that the dinosaurs died out and we know that a huge ice age existed prior to humanity, 'and earth became null and void.' The use of the word 'and' designates a transition caused by the event of Satan's rebellion.

Satan's rebellion and subsequent destruction, paved the way for the creation of humanity, namely Adam and Eve.

But prior to mans creation, the earth had to be re-prepared, and thus we have the six days of restoration of the world in the first couple of chapters of Genesis. The world was restored, not created during those six days.

The earth had been created when the universe was created, was destroyed by Satan's rebellion, and then restored.

When Adam and Eve were created, which is the fourth beginning or creation, and subsequently fell from grace, God confirmed the curse against Satan, and every generation in human history has been witness to that curse. The key ingredients of the curse are humiliation, physical and mental pain, suffering, sin and death, among other things. We are all subjected to these things during our lifetime.

When human history concludes, and we all get to the point of the new universe, then all of these things will be gone. None of them will continue into the new universe.

Granted when we leave this world, all of the pains and sufferings will leave us individually, but they will still exist in the living world. When God finally destroys the present universe, then the curse will be destroyed permanently along with it.

In the new universe, which will be earth and heaven combined, there will be no curse, no pain, no death, no suffering, nothing negative from the former universe will exist in the new universe.

God, whose throne currently exists in heaven, will reside in the New Jerusalem, which will descend down to the earth.

We will serve Him, in the form of our spiritual life, and God will serve us, in the form of the eternal provider. We studied the eternal provision concept when we studied Moses at the burning bush. That is the meaning of the 'I Am,' name of God. God possesses the capability of never ending provision. God is the eternal source, the eternal provision, and the eternal power.

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