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Romans 1:19


19 Because [dioti] that which may be known [gnostos] of God [theos] is [esti] manifest [phaneros] in [en] them [autos]; for [gar] God [theos] hath shewed [phaneroo] it unto them [autos].  KJV-Interlinear


19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.  ESV


The world knows of God, despite not seeking Him. People by their very nature, do not seek God. You can even look at yourself, and answer the questions, ‘Do I seek God in the manner in which He wants me to seek?’ ‘Do I obey the mandates to study and learn and be taught?’ ‘Is God important enough to me, for me to pursue knowledge of Him and His plan?’ ‘Does His plan even mean anything to me?’ ‘Is learning and wanting to know, too annoying and difficult?’

And for the most part, people will give lip service, but that is about all. While most people seek their own version of God and the hereafter, because those pursuits tend to be more convenient to the functions of the sin nature.

Paul is telling us that no one on this planet can live without seeing the works and evidence of God. Through its beauty, and design, and complexity, even through the phenomenal provisions within the planets resources that makes the continuation of the human race possible, make it clear that God exists and is behind it all.

When has the world run out of soil to plant? When has the world run out of fresh water? When has the world run out of food? When has the world run out of the basics that are needed to employ and make a living for everyone? Never.

Only humanity has screwed things up so as to make things and life difficult for the vast majority.

Note that for the last 6000 years, there have been numerous wars, high infant mortality rates, diseases, disasters and so forth, more than enough events to have killed off the population several times, and still the world population has grown steadily. Even the flood of Noah, which made a major correction in the population right down to eight people, did not destroy humanity, despite Satan’s efforts.

And since the flood there have been many problems that could have easily driven humanity into extinction. But we are still here and our population is growing faster than ever before. And we are here for one reason and that is of course Gods grace and the major restraint against sin that is in this world.

So, odd as it may seem, the controls on population are in place.

However, when the Rapture does occur, at some point in the future, those restraints will be removed and the population of the world will drive itself to near extinction in less than seven years.

All of the horrors and crime and torturing and evils that have occurred in our past, will seem like nothing when compared to the cruelty that man will bring upon man during those seven years. The magnitude of which we cannot even begin to imagine.

And yet, Paul states here that all that is God, is plain to see. Yet people see it, but refuse to see it, preferring to seek after the more easy desires of laziness and pleasure and such of this world.

And note that Paul states, that which is known. He does not say, knowable. He says known.
Man knows what is right from wrong. Man knows God from false objects.

Man simply chooses to pursue the false and reject the true. That is why there are so many religions, so many philosophies, so many belief systems out there, because there is a plan for everyone and a plan to fit all drives of lust.

So there is no excuse. And anyone who attempts to create some explanation or excuse, is lying.

There is one God, one savior, one truth, and everything else is a lie.

There is one meaning and purpose and pursuit which is noble and honorable, and that is the Christian faith and life through Bible doctrine. But very few dedicate themselves to that pursuit.

Substituting social justice stuff, do-gooder stuff, sincerity stuff, in lieu of the legitimate spiritual life, is wrong. Those who reject Gods plan and purpose, do so through their own decisions.

The spiritual life provides all answers, solves all problems, accomplishes all goals.

The spiritual life is out there as full and free as the air around the planet. Everyone breathes the air, but not everyone gives it a second thought or considers how or why we have it.

The same applies to Bible doctrine.

Just because the Israelites had the scriptures, does not mean that everyone else had nothing.

Common sense and Gods design haven been far more prevalent than the very few written documents of history.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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