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Romans 1:20


20 For [gar] the invisible things [aoratos] of him [autos] from [apo] the creation [ktisis] of the world [kosmos] are clearly seen [kathorao], being understood [noeo] by the things that are made [poiema], even [te] his [autos] eternal [aidios] power [dunamis] and [kai] Godhead [theiotes]; so [eis] that they [autos] are [einai] without excuse [anapologetos]:  KJV-Interlinear


20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.  ESV


The word for creation, ‘ktisis,’ means from the beginning. It does not refer to the assembly or invention of the actual creation of anything, but is a reference to the beginning of humanity, namely since Adam.

Therefore, from the outset of the human race, which means beginning with Adam and then Eve, and from them, every generation that has lived on this planet since.

Humanity has known of the invisible things of God. The invisible things, ‘aoratos,’ refers to those things which cannot be seen or heard, or felt, or tasted, or smelled, or otherwise detected in any manner whatsoever.

And those things are herein defined, namely Gods eternal power and divine nature.

Nothing of God can be measured or detected or even discovered by man. And yet, by means of His divine power and nature, He is seen and known by means of the evidence that exists within nature and of creation which is all around us.

We have in this world, opposite sexes, both male and female, there exists plants and fish and animals and birds and so many things that defy the imagination. Even the vastness of the sky and the sun, moon, and stars beyond, speak of a divine design and God Himself.

But Paul also makes it very clear that even the Godhead has been known from the beginning of the human race.

Christianity is unique in that there exists one God, which refers to the divine essence of God, but three persons.

The divine essence refers to the ten attributes of God, namely omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, eternal life, righteousness, justice, veracity, immutability, love, and sovereignty.

Each of the members of the Godhead, possesses these attributes. They all three are co-equal, co-infinite, and co-eternal.

History is filled with examples of multiple gods having this or that attribute or power or domain. Examples of conflicts between the gods. Examples of man challenging the gods and either winning or losing, or showing them a thing or two. All of which are arguments designed to water down or negate the importance and role of God.

But, what these stories really do, is point out that man has a knowledge of God, and a knowledge of His divine essence, which is something that man cannot discover.

And yet by means of the world around, plus the information and stories that were handed down from generation to generation, beginning with Adam, and even by means of various other things as they relate to peoples that had long since moved around the world and were totally removed and separated from Israel and the Middle East, God and things about Him, are still known.

And these invisible things that cannot be known, are known by means of the things that have been made, ‘poiema,’ through the workmanship of that which is.

Which is to say, that all things that exist have obviously come from someone who invented, designed and made them.

So, man has no excuse or basis for not knowing God and the truth that exists in this world.

This simply means that all choices that go against God and truth, are openly made by people, in total disregard of God and truth. People make their choices on purpose, in preference to their sin natures.

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