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Romans 2:29


29 But [alla] he is a Jew [Ioudaios], which is one inwardly [en] [kruptos]; and [kai] circumcision [peritome] is that of the heart [kardia], in [en] the spirit [pneuma], and not [ou] in the letter [gramma]; whose [hos] praise [epainos] is not [ou] of [ek] men [anthropos], but [alla] of [ek] God [theos].   KJV-Interlinear


29 But a Jew is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter. His praise is not from man but from God.    ESV


The word Jew, refers to the people of God. The Jew is not merely a descendant of Abraham due to genetics or birth. But a Jew is the person chosen by God, by means of Gods rules for being chosen. Namely, through faith in Christ.

Being a descendant of Abraham does not make you a person of Gods choosing.

Faith is the criteria for determining if you are a person of God, or not.

The inward person is determined by the content of the soul. What you think, is what you are.

Circumcision is the function or the expression of faith. And since when an infant child is circumcised only once, never over and over and over, again, and again for obvious reasons, then faith only has to be expressed once.

When you first believed in Christ, that is all that salvation requires. One expression of faith gains you salvation. And once saved always saved. You can never lose your salvation.

When you are saved, you are born again.

By the Spirit, refers to the action of the Holy Spirit wherein you are made a new spiritual species. You are born again. God, at the very moment of your faith, creates within you, a human spirit. Prior to salvation, each and every human being has no human spirit. But once you believe in Christ, then God creates within you, a human spirit and imputes into that spirit, eternal life.

No written document, no human effort, no works or activity is ever involved in your salvation.

And just as you cannot undo a circumcision, just as you cannot undo a birth, just as you cannot undo the membership of the family that you are born into, then so too, your salvation is irreversible and cannot be undone.

Once saved, always saved.

Once born into the family of God, always a member of the family of God.


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