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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study

Romans 5:14


14 Nevertheless [alla] death [thanatos] reigned [basileuo] from [apo] Adam [Adam] to [mechri] Moses [Moseus], even [kai] over [epi] them that had [hamartano] not [me] sinned [hamartano] after [epi] the similitude [homoioma] of Adam's [Adam] transgression [parabasis], who [hos] is [esti] the figure [tupos] of him that was to come [mello].   KJV-Interlinear


14 Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam, who was a type of the one who was to come.   ESV


We have already seen that where there is no law, there can be no violation of law. A violation of law is a sin, spiritually speaking. The result of sin is death. However if there is no law, and therefore no violation, then there is no sin, and therefore there is no death.

The law as written by Moses, came about 2500 years after Adam. From the time of Adam to the time of Moses there was no written Mosaic law. However, we know that death occurred from the time of Adam, to the time of Moses. Therefore, since death occurred, then sin had to have occurred, which means that there was a violation of the law, which had not yet been written in the sense of what Moses wrote.

So Paul is explaining, that what Moses wrote, was not the beginning of an initial law, but merely the documentation of the law that had already existed.

We saw in the previous verse, that death occurred without the imputation of Adam sin, which means that people committed sins of their own, and did not die merely because of Adams sin. However, we know that in Adam all have sinned, therefore everyone who is the descendent of Adam, which means the entire human race, is automatically a sinner right from the beginning of their birth.

However, Paul does not mention infants. And we know that infants do die because of one reason or another. And that their death could not have occurred because of a sin they committed, because they would have no opportunity to commit a sin.

However, because they are descendents of Adam, then Adams sin is transmitted to each person born, therefore establishing the basis for their potential death at a young age.

Adam is said to be a type. This means he is a pattern from which Jesus will follow when he enters the world at his first birth.

However, Adam failed, but Jesus did not fail. Adam did not live a perfect life, however, Jesus did live a perfect life, demonstrating that the perfect life is possible, however man is incapable of fulfilling that possibility.

This verse is clear in that death occurred because people sinned, but death also occurred when people did not sin, after the pattern of Adam. The word similitude, refers to, in the same way, or after the same pattern.

Adam walked in the garden with Jesus Christ.

Adam received instruction from Jesus Christ.

The obvious instruction in view here is the prohibition of eating from a single designated tree.

Adam had only one law, which was the prohibition of eating the fruit from that single tree. Adam made a conscious decision, and violated the law, and ate from the tree, and therefore committed the first sin of human history. Death followed that action.

Other people following Adam, sinned in similar manner. Which means they committed sins by making decisions to sin.

Adams sin was a rejection of God’s command. All sin is a rejection of God’s command.

God is truth, and any rejection of God, is a rejection of truth, and that rejection is in effect sin.

Sin results in death, and death is a separation from God.

Without a solution to sin, that death would be permanent and eternal. However, God came up with a plan to solve the problem of sin, and that plan incorporated the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. That work paid the price of sin, and man’s faith, or belief in that work, which is a belief in the person of Jesus Christ, fulfills the reconciliation of man’s relationship back with God.

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