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Dan. 2:19

Lesson # Dan. 2:19
Study Material - Dan. 2:19

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 2:19

19 Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven;

'Then'. After Daniel had offered his prayer. After Daniel had complied with the commands that God has prescribed for us in our function of our spiritual lives. 'Then', God answered and gave the information requested and made way for the deliverance of Daniel as well as all of the wise men, so called, from the sword of the king.

We need to review here some of the spiritual principles this passage has given us. Some we have touched on and some just indirectly touched.

There are three laws that are active, and rule in this universe. First there is the spiritual law. Those laws given to us by way of the Bible, which govern the functions of our spiritual lives. The second set of laws are the laws of establishment. Those laws which govern the human race in order to preserve its existence and to provide some frame work for some semblance of order on this planet earth. The third set of laws are those laws of the jungle. Jungle laws take over when the first two are rejected, or watered down to the point that any interpretation can be made for convenience, for prejudice, for bias in government or in society.

The three laws are revealed in their function in this passage as well as many passages in the Bible.

'Then', refers to the proper application of spiritual laws which Daniel applied to his life. Spiritual laws begin with God, a savior, a plan, a means for learning that plan and for communicating with God, and so forth. As humans we are introduced into life at the point of our birth. From there we breath and live and grow physically until we reach some point in our life of God consciousness. This consciousness may occur at the age of 8, 10, or even 12 years of age. A lot depends on the persons culture, environment, education, IQ, and so forth. Whatever the age, we learn that there is an entrance into Gods plan for our life, which entrance is salvation received by our believing in Christ. This only takes a moment in time and once we have believed in Christ, then we are saved, born again, and now are a part of the family of God. Birth cannot be undone, therefore birth is permanent. We cannot go back in time and stop the birth once it has occurred.

From that point we now have a responsibility to God and to ourselves certainly, to grow up in our spiritual life. This is the second part of the laws of spirituality. The first part being salvation which occurred in an instant of time. The second part takes you through the rest of your life here on earth. Your objective being to learn Bible doctrine, to reside in fellowship as we discussed yesterday, to build up a framework of Bible knowledge in your soul, then to apply it to your daily life, thus reinforcing what you have learned and furnishing your soul with the muscle by means of that repetitive application of doctrine to your daily life. We build up our muscles by exercising. We build up our faith by applying doctrine to our daily lives. The key to the spiritual life is our residing in fellowship. Hopefully that is clear by now.

The second set of laws is from God as well. The laws of establishment. He 'rule of law' which we hear so much in the news these past couple of years. Establishment is more than just a law text however. The first concept is volition, the right to decide. Every human has that right. This also incorporates privacy, thus allowing one to make decisions without interference. The second concept is marriage, representing the union of two persons (male and female), two halves which when brought together in marriage make a whole. The male representing the masculine, aggressive, command, authority side. The female representing the responsive, submissive, soft, caring side and so forth. Both being complimentary attributes to each party. Neither set of attributes makes either party superior or inferior to the other, but are designed to bring a whole, or a oneness to a marriage, and also represent the spiritual concept of bringing our self together with Bible doctrine making each of us whole in our spiritual life. Again the marriage is designed to help not only perpetuate the human race but to preserve and protect it. Which brings us to the concept of the family, an environment that protects the children, and provides a unit of learning, teaching, and growth for all.

Then establishment continues beyond the family to the concepts of nationalism, or the preservation of the nation, which prevents one nation of man or group from ruling the world. No man or group is capable of ruling in a fair and consistent manner. Therefore the separation of nations is required for preserving the freedoms and liberties of the citizens of those nations. Nations are governed by constitutions, and laws, by courts that interpret those laws, by police officers that enforce them, by citizens who respect them.

All these things in place, there is freedom, and prosperity in life. Take away or twist any of these laws, then you have the jungle laws which rule in their anarchy, bias, prejudice, unfair treatment, and favoritism of one party over another.

Any of the above groups of laws can be distorted and misapplied. Nebuchadnezzar distorted his own laws with his arbitrary decree to execute al of the counselors because they did not have an answer to his question. The counselors violated the laws, in that they sought to provide some sort of arbitrary answer in order to get the reward offered. They tried to buy time, and twist the truth with their arbitrary arguments. 'No king has ever asked such a thing.' 'No man can tell such a thing.'

Daniel followed all these rules and found the answer, which by the way, was provided by God. 'The mystery was revealed.' Daniel did not discover it like some sort of detective on the prowl for clues. Daniel knew nothing of the dream, or even what was going on with all of the commotion. He only knew that God had a plan for his life, and that God would play this out in its proper sequence.

Daniel prayed for the answer. God provided it. Daniel praised God for all that God provided and more.

Regardless of the circumstances in your life, God has a plan for your life. No matter what your situation is, God will lead you through some predetermined plan which will benefit you to the maximum. So long as you respect and follow His commands. If you rebel, then you only cause trouble for yourself. You won't injure God or His plan, which will continue through history with or without you.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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