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Dan. 5:10-12

Lesson # Dan. 5:10-12
Study Material - Dan. 5:10-12

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 5:10-12

10 The queen entered the banquet hall because of the words of the king and his nobles; the queen spoke and said, 'O king, live forever! Do not let your thoughts alarm you or your face be pale. 11 'There is a man in your kingdom in whom is a spirit of the holy gods; and in the days of your father, illumination, insight, and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods were found in him. And King Nebuchadnezzar, your father, your father the king, appointed him chief of the magicians, conjurers, Chaldeans, and diviners. 12 'This was because an extraordinary spirit, knowledge and insight, interpretation of dreams, explanation of enigmas, and solving of difficult problems were found in this Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar. Let Daniel now be summoned, and he will declare the interpretation.'

The Queen Mother, this is the wife and queen of the preceding king, was not attending the party. The kings wives and concubines (a cozy arrangement!!), were at the party. Belshazzar was not the immediate son of Nebuchadnezzar but a distant heir in the dynasty. After Nebuchadnezzar died the Evil Merodach reigned for a year or so. He was followed by Neriglissar, then Nabonidus, and finally the last of the Babylonian kings, Belshazzar. The Queen mother was likely the wife of Nabonidus. It really makes no difference other than she was knowledgeable of Daniel and his assistance to Nebuchadnezzar who was three kings back from her husband.

Obviously with each succeeding administration, there are changes. Many of the counsels of prior leaders are replaced with counselors of the current king, usually peers or those known by the newly ordained king. Belshazzar had no knowledge of Daniel or he did not give him much thought. In verse 22 we read that Belshazzar did have knowledge of the history of Nebuchadnezzar, and therefore he had no excuse of ignorance.

We also know from the party that he made his choices in the matters of state in accordance with his own personal desires and lusts, caring nothing for others even the citizens over which he was ruler (feasting while under siege).

The Queen Mother, on the other hand, was not in attendance and when she was summoned (not by the king) to the party by others and by the great uproar, she at least had the sense to recommend that Daniel be summoned to clear up the question of the writing on the wall. She no doubt at first thought that all this talk about a hand appearing out of nowhere and writing words on the wall, was a lot of drunken nonsense, but there was obviously a lot of upset people and besides the best of the best counsels of Babylon were now on hand and could not make heads nor tails out of the words.
She reminds the king that there is one known as Daniel, and with many compliments, describes his wisdom and ability to find solutions to great problems. That Daniel has uncanny knowledge and is obviously connected with the 'gods' (those beings of a higher intellect) such that he can make the interpretation.

The reference to 'gods' strongly indicates that the one true God is now not very well known in Babylon, thus the reason for the downfall of the empire. Nebuchadnezzar knew God, and the empire was made great during his reign. But as goes the spiritual life of a nation, so goes its prosperity and blessing. Likewise as goes 'your' spiritual life so too will be your prosperity and blessing, or the lack thereof !!!

The Queen reminds the king, that it was his 'father' (a reference to his dynasty) who made this promotion of Daniel. It was his 'father' who had made the nation great. And now in her disgust (she was not in attendance to the feast) it was Belshazzar who needs to make a smart decision (summon Daniel) because (implied) he (Belshazzar) was screwing up the empire with his irresponsibility. Of course she does not come right out to say this. She would probably lose her head if she was insolent. Anyway. Belshazzar is worried to the point of terror (weak knees, light headed, etc.), and would take the advice of just about anyone who could make these little words known to him, as well as explaining the hand that did the writing.

Daniel will be summoned and when he enters the room and sees the writing on the wall he will know the meaning immediately. People who have studied Gods Word know its meaning immediately. People who have never studied Gods Word, will not know its meanings. The words will be foreign to them, just as these words on the wall are foreign to the 'wise' men of Babylon. and their meaning unknown. Not to mention the hand that appeared ... spoookee! But then so goes spiritual knowledge to the negative at heart.

Study your Bibles regularly and nothing in life will be take you by surprise, nor be ambiguous.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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