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Dan. 5:23

Lesson # Dan. 5:23
Study Material - Dan. 5:23

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 5:23

23 but you have exalted yourself against the Lord of heaven; and they have brought the vessels of His house before you, and you and your nobles, your wives and your concubines have been drinking wine from them; and you have praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which do not see, hear or understand. But the God in whose hand are your life-breath and your ways, you have not glorified.

As so many people on earth do for themselves, so Belshazzar has exalted himself in contrast with the wishes of God. He has set his own wishes as higher priorities that those of God.

Exalting ones self does not necessarily mean that one has gained a higher position in life, or a better job, or some better life style than others. This is the contrast between utilizing Gods wisdom vs. mans wisdom.

There are but two opinions in existence - Gods and everything else. Gods opinion is correct. Everything else is not. Man might very well mix Gods truth in with their own opinions so as to give themselves some semblance of authority, but anytime the least bit of untruth mixes in with truth, the batch is soured. Not that a person can't sort out the bad portion, but the problem usually arises in the motives of the party doing the mixing. Therein is where the problems of obscurity in life come from. When the mixing of a little truth in with a lot of untruth is done intentionally, then the sourness or wickedness is really wrong and wicked. You can see this in politics a lot.

Certainly a person can get things mixed up unintentionally. Mistakes happen, but those kinds of things get straightened out sooner or later and no harm is intended.

Belshazzar intends blatant disregard of God. He has been given life from God. He has been given authority and power from God. And he has abused everything he has received for the purpose of his own selfish lusts. This in turn has hurt a lot of people over the years of his life.

The things of God are Holy. The things we have today are His written word. We no longer have the various articles of the temple, and it is probably just as well. Too often people give more importance to the 'things', the cups, the candles and such, rather than the meanings and doctrines we are to learn from those 'things.' All the articles of the temple were teaching aids, for the purpose of teaching and learning Bible doctrine. They were never intended to be bowed down to and worshipped, not do they have nor have they ever had any mystical powers. Just having a nice necklace with a cross on it will not make you spiritual, not will it save you from vampires (so to speak, you know, the evil of the world).

Likewise any person who rejects God and turns in life to various other things of indulgence, will not find happiness, fulfillment, nor security in them either.

Everyone worships something. Whether it is the hustle of the market place, the action of the social crowd, or something more unscrupulous, makes no difference. Belshazzar chased after the things of the world. He chased gold and silver, women and wine and food. He chased pleasure at the expense of the citizens of the Empire.

We all have been given life. In fact there are three truths in life of which we can measure and are obvious to all, and of which are beyond doubt. The first is that each one of us have been born and thus we live. The second is that each one of will die and thus cease to live (physically), and the third is that there is a period of time in between birth and death in which we have an opportunity to live a life. Does not matter what kind of life we have, but only that the period of time exists for us all. For some it is short. For some that length of time is longer. But these three things are irrefutable.

The real question is, 'Do we have any control over any of these three?' Of the first and second, we do not. God determines the moment of our birth and the moment and method of our death. But these two are but instants or moments in time. They both occur in the blink of an eye, that is the actual second of birth and the actual second of death.

In between we have life and during that time we have an opportunity to shape our life for all of eternity, or we have the opportunity to screw up our life for all of eternity. Both are within our power.

Belshazzar lived all his life chasing his lusts and ignoring God. Now his time was up and he did not even realize it until Daniel explained the summary of his life. This is a summary or evaluation which we all will face one day, by the way. God gave each of us life and from that we owe Him a hearing, to learn and understand our options in life. Belshazzar knew his history and ignored it. He knew of the God of Israel and defied Him. Rather than giving respect and honor to God, he ridiculed the articles of the temple. Today people make fun of the Bible in various ways.

When it really comes down to it, your life is all about whether or not you desire God, whether or not you will learn anything about Him, whether or not you will have any kind of a spiritual life inside your soul. Everything else in life is just window dressing. Your talent, your physical abilities, your intellect, your race, your color, your culture, your career, your heritage, your wealth, everything else that you have or are in life are meaningless in the final result. God knows your needs and your desires of life, and He will take care of you far better than you can yourself. The real question is whether or not you will give honor where honor is due? To God. And we give honor to God, by only one method - by learning His Word and growing up spiritually. Our spiritual growth in effect glorifies God.

Both Satan and this world are set against your growing up spiritually. Many obstacles are placed in the way, but when you are positive, God is able to overcome all obstacles and is able to get you to spiritual maturity, therefore the glory is to Him and Him alone.

Belshazzar honored himself. He neither provided anything for himself, nor did he have a hand in the things he had. God provided it all. Belshazzar took advantage and abused his position. Now it was time to pay the price. Tomorrow we will cover the words written on the wall and how they apply to each of us.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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