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Dan. 7:2-3

Lesson # Dan. 7:2-3
Study Material - Dan. 7:2-3

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 7:2-3

2 Daniel said, 'I was looking in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great sea. 3 'And four great beasts were coming up from the sea, different from one another.

The entirety of what would remain of human history is herein spelled out, up and until the second advent of Jesus Christ. Four empires would rule the earth. The last would be of an unusual nature and requiring some construction, destruction, and reconstruction before it would come into its final existence.

Daniel begins from his bed. The dream came to him. He did not conjure it up from his own imagination. God is the source and God has the ability to enter His knowledge into our heads at His leisure. Hummm! This would come in handy in school!

Four winds came up, but not just any winds. These are not winds from earth, but from heaven. Symbolically wind conveys the meaning of direction. The four directions on the compass, and in this case all four directions. But wind also has the meaning of spirits, or exhales from God. Wind from heaven then comes to mean that God is pushing and driving the seas of earth.

Seas? Seas are representative of the nations, and more specifically the gentile nations. We have already seen that there are two types of nations on earth. The gentiles and the nation of Israel. Israel meaning those chosen of God. We also know that all Israel is not true Israel, meaning that anyone born of Jewish blood lines are not necessarily of the nation of Israel or Gods chosen. That Gods chosen is not a genetic heritage, but a spiritual heritage. Therefore, Gods chosen nation are believers in Christ. All others are not chosen and therefore gentile nations, or nations of the earth. God guides His nation (believers) through Bible doctrine, and He drives all other nations through the laws of the jungle.

Nations struggle for their little piece of the earth, but their quest is futile because the winds of heaven drive the seas, the gentile nations. Jesus Christ controls history. Also, the word here used as drive or 'stirring up' carries a special meaning like that of a warrior charging into a heated battle, or a baby driving out from the womb at birth. Both meaning something that has begun and cannot be reversed, nor even stopped. Once nature says it is time to be born, then momma cannot jump up and say 'time out, lets wait until next month'. Not going to happen. The baby is going to be born and there is no changing it. So it is with the winds of heaven who drive the seas of earth. God controls history and no matter what man tries to do, man cannot change history's course as decreed by God in eternity past.

All of these terrorists who wish upon the earth their holy war with their desire to destroy everything, and for no real purpose except that they just want it that way, will not get their wish. They will stir up a lot of grief certainly. That is what is in the jungle. But their end will come sooner or later.

God controls history from every direction. Man cannot even get his toe into the action. The sea will rebel but it has it boundaries. The sea can go only to those boundaries set by God and no further. Man has his limitations.

Out of the sea (the jungle), mans will aspire to make himself great. Nations will rise and fall. Empires will rise and fall, and there are only four empires that will eventually influence the entire earth.

Remember too that Daniel lived during the Babylonian empire and saw the onset of the Persian empire (Mede-Persian). He will not live to see the Greek empire nor the Roman empire. The last three are all future from the date of this dream. Therefore the credibility of this dream and prophecy is greatly enhanced when the history actually occurs. This gives further credibility to the content of the Bible.

Only God can know what the future will hold. He decided history in eternity past when he selected the divine decrees. This does not mean that He caused history, only that He knows of all things that are going to occur prior to their occurring. For example if you are going to have toast tomorrow morning for breakfast, then God could easily state that you would have toast tomorrow. You make up your own mind as to what you will have. God did not cause you to have toast, he just knew before hand what you would decide. So it is with the decrees. From eternity past God has known everything there is to know about history. Further, God places each one of us into history, in that he imputes our human life in to a body when we are born. All live comes from God, 'neshamah' the spark of life or the breath of life, an exhale from God into our soul at the point of our physical birth.

So by selecting when to place each one of us into history and knowing what we would do, then God can easily control history because He knows all the thoughts and decisions of all peoples and knows all the interactions and events that will occur in history. Simple for God. Not so simple for mankind. Add to this the forces of nature and everything else that affects us and you have a complete picture of Gods total control over history.

Why do the nations rage? Because they have no control over even their own existence. Anyone without Gods Word in them is frustrated and ultimately in rage. Frustrations of repeated failure lead to anger and a lashing out at everyone and everything. The seas churn against the winds, but the wind prevails. Any ships that put to sea cannot drive the wind but are driven by the wind. And God send them where He wills.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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