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Dan. 7:10

Lesson # Dan. 7:10
Study Material - Dan. 7:10

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 7:10

10 'A river of fire was flowing And coming out from before Him; Thousands upon thousands were attending Him, And myriads upon myriads were standing before Him; The court sat, And the books were opened.

The river flows continually day and night. There is never a time when the river does not flow. The river is of fire flowing out from the throne, out from before Him who sits on the throne. The river of fire is judgments. Not the final judgment of the world, not the close of history, but a constant evaluation of history ongoing and a rendering of decision after decision for those who are the victims and against those who would cause the wrongs of history. Be they little or great, the wrong doers are all judged. Be they little or great, the victims, those who belong to God, will see justice and relief in their life.

Jesus Christ sits on the throne of the court. The court is in session as I write this study. The court is in session as you read these notes. The court is in session around the clock and functions on the current state of events as they unfold in history. There is no backlog, no waiting on justice and its decisions.

The court has its staff. The staff is huge. Angels fill the positions for all of the courts needs. We have already seen in prior studies that there are watcher angels on earth. That they have information revealed to them in heaven concerning events on earth. They watch to see that they are true and report back to those who would evaluate the facts. Decisions are rendered by angels. Jesus Christ issues the sentence and ultimate judgment.

This staff numbers in the millions of millions. They are a huge and innumerable quantity. Jacob saw angels constantly coming and going up and down the ladder between heaven and earth. There is a huge amount of traffic flow between heaven and earth. Angels watch, report back, assist those who die in escorting them to their ultimate destination - either heaven or Torments as the case may be. Angels engage in various of human events in prevention or participation in events authorized by God.

Heaven does not sleep. There is a huge amount of activity there.

Standing in observation are many more billions upon billions. Myriads as the verse calls them. These are not the judged, but observers. The judged are the nations which we have been studying in this chapter. The rise and fall of nations. They have received their appointment and they have acted either in accordance with Gods wishes, or they have not. And we know that throughout history there is only one government which does Gods will and that is through the leadership of Jesus Christ and Gods Word. All other nations stand in opposition of God.

The books are opened. This is a reference to the court having begun its session. The court is set. The judge is on His throne, the books of evidence are opened and presented and a decision is rendered based on the facts of history. Nations fall and are replaced, with one exception, which we will see in a later verse. To some nations there will be an extension of life, or existence, in order to permit Gods plan to come to a complete conclusion for all of mankind.

So this is the view of Daniel. A court, the highest court, in session. This is a court higher than any royal court. It is the court of heaven, the court which renders the day to day decisions resulting from mans history.

Many unfair things occur on earth, but there is always an appeal to a higher court, which always prevails, Isa. 43:13, and no one can overturn Gods decisions.

We have in the Bible many promises. Believe in Christ and you will be saved. No if, and, or buts. Salvation is firm and secure. You can never lose your salvation. You can never do anything to lose your salvation. Once saved, always saved. This is the first promise which you should trust in so that you will never fear your destiny after your death. Heaven in your next stop, for certain.

Your next promise results from spiritual growth. If you maintain your fellowship status, keep watch on yourself for sin in your life, confess promptly or at least on a regular basis, to God the Father, then you will be in fellowship, and have an open link, so to speak, with God on a continual basis. This is the sphere which you need to be in, in order to grow up spiritually. Then study regularly, learn, ponder what you learn, apply what you learn to your life, and your spiritual maturity will come to you - for certain. No if, and, or buts.

Because we live in this jungle we call planet earth and in an environment of people who are constantly in various stages of their sinful lives, we are subject to all manner of problems. The jungle takes no prisoners, but seeks to destroy all. But we, who are alive and in fellowship, are inside Gods refuge, inside His palace, and therefore we have an additional shield, a wall of fire, which protects us. No matter what the problem, God will provide a solution. So as you grow up you will look back on, your life and see the results. Your faith will grow, your confidence will grow, and fear will fly away from you. You'll develop a relaxed mental attitude in life and things will not worry you as much as they would, if you had no spiritual life.

The world will not continue indefinitely. Bad things in life will not continue indefinitely. There is a court in heaven and there are daily decisions being rendered. History is in Gods hands. Whether the history of empires or the history or yours and my little life, all are under Gods watchful eye and care. Advance to maturity and God guides you. Disregard God and He will direct you. There is a big difference between being guided and in being directed. The former is by far better.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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