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Dan. 8:1

Lesson # Dan. 8:1
Study Material - Dan. 8:1

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 8:1

1 In the third year of the reign of Belshazzar the king a vision appeared to me, Daniel, subsequent to the one which appeared to me previously.

Daniel had his first dream, while in his bed and in his sleep, and during the first year of the reign of the last king of Babylon, King Belshazzar.

Now he has a second dream in the third year of the reign of Belshazzar. This second dream is a vision while Daniel was awake. In his vision he is transported to the kingdom of Persia and there his vision will begin, but first the significance of the dreams and their timing.

We know that warning always precedes judgment or destruction. We are always warned. Nebuchadnezzar was warned and he blatantly disregarded the warning. He knew the repercussions of his actions and attitude. He ignored the advice of God, through his own dream, and Daniel's interpretation.

So the pattern is set. Daniel held his first dream lose to his own heart. He carried it in his thoughts and we know that he disclosed the content of his dream to any and all who would be interested. We know because we have it in writing as we have his entire book in writing for all generations.

King Belshazzar knew of the dream. Two years later he remained in apathy and defiance to God. How do we know this? Because he held a feast in his last year of reign in total disregard of his city being surrounded and on the verge of destruction. His pattern of life had not changed, though warned.

Now a second warning has come, and of course this warning will be disregarded as well. Then the writing on the wall will come and that will be the last chance for repentance (a changing of ones attitude), and Belshazzar and all will ignore it as well. Three strikes so to speak and you know what happens then!! You're out. And in this case - Game over!

Daniel lived in the Age of Israel. That is the dispensation immediately prior to our own. Our own dispensation (an era of time) is commonly called the Church Age, or the Age of the Royal Family. Our Age interrupted the Age of Israel when the Age of Israel was in its last week of years. That means they were in their last seven years of existence. One week being seven days and each day representing a year, thus seven years.

Our Age was not mentioned in the Old Testament, but was held out as a secret, and not revealed until Jesus revealed it. Daniel writes of events that will occur during his own dispensation, not ours. Therefore these kingdoms and their existence occur in His dispensation, not ours. But before you get ahead of me, put al things in their perspective.

Look at Rev 17:12 briefly, 'And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour.'

These ten kings will not have kingdoms (as of Johns time - Church Age) but will come into power briefly, or just long enough to give over their power to the last great beast - the anti-christ.

We know that the last beast will not be revealed in our time. We have already studied this. So using a little logic, then we presume that when the Rapture occurs there will be some confusion in the world. A power shift or struggle will come into play, those who are destined (by God) to seize power, will seize it, but will immediately turn it over to a greater power (the anti-christ) after he quickly rises up and overwhelms three other powers. We also assume that these three opposing leaders, of whom are disposed of by the anti-christ, are made war against because they resist him initially. If this were to occur today for example we would assume that the Western powers will make up the bulk of this ten nation group, and perhaps the USA, Great Britain, ands maybe even Australia will be among those opposed initially. Or it could be an all European event if the America's and Australia and other nations are so de-stable due to the Rapture (you know, lots of people vanished as far as the world is concerned), that they (we) become ineffective and powerless.

Whatever the actual events of that time, we will never know, because we will all be gone. So whatever books you buy or read on these future events, are mere books of conjecture, and I am going to presume that Gods secret is so good (it is Gods you know) that no one will, not even by accident, be able to discover it prior to the actual event of the Rapture. Of course the pattern of nations that exists today is obvious, but what if this event does not occur for another hundred years? Then what will the globe look like then? Who knows!

This chapter concentrates on the next two empires. There is no mention of the Babylonian empire. Its course and conclusion has already been determined. Belshazzar will merely confirm that decision as his reign comes to an end. We saw Nebuchadnezzar live out the prediction against him prior to his madness.

The first seven chapters of Daniel were written in the Chaldean language, the language of Babylon. Obviously its intended audience, among others, were the Babylonians. They rejected it.

The remainder of the book of Daniel is written in Hebrew. Its intended audience is future. The events are future.

Our version of the Bible is written in English. Do we believe it or not?

End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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