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Dan. 9:27

Lesson # Dan. 9:27
Study Material - Dan. 9:27

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 9:27

27 'And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.'

The seven weeks and sixty two weeks have come and gone per the previous verses. The anointed prince has come and been cut off as well. There remains one week of years or seven years remaining in the Age of 'your' people and 'your' city. These will come to their end in the midst of great devastation such as the world has never seen in history. Neither the great plagues, the world wars, nor any other disaster in history will compare to that waiting the last week of years in the Age of Israel, which we call the Tribulation.

Following that period, then will come the Second Advent of Christ and the completion of all prophecy and promises concerning His chosen peoples, Israel. Remember that all Israel is not Israel. The spiritual life is not genetic, but of the soul and faith in Christ.

He, God, will make a confirmation of a covenant with many during that last week of years. lets look ahead just a bit to the circumstances that will likely be in place on earth. Review when you can the 'scrolls' studies in Revelation. Lets assume that the Rapture will not take place for another century. if so, then the population of planet earth will be overwhelming.

According to history the population of earth some 2000 years ago at the time of Christ was around 300 million. It didn't change much for 1000 years, where the population rose to around 400 million. Then things took off a little. By 1750 the population was 800 million people. It doubled in 750 years. In 1800 the population was at 1 billion. Then at 2 billion in 1930. Here it doubled in 130 years. Then 4 billion in 1974. Again a doubling in 44 years. The rate of growth is growing fast with longer life spans, better medical, etc. The planets population hit 6 billion in the year 2000, or a 50% increase in 26 years with the rate of growth at 2% in advanced countries and 3% in the more populous and under developed countries for an overall average of 2.6% or a doubling every 28 years, or just under 28 years. The rate of growth is accelerating. So in another hundred years the population could and probably will, double just over three more times, or from our present 6 billion to 12, to 24, to 48 billion people (or more if the rate of growth continues to accelerate) with most of them in underdeveloped countries.

We have a lot of technology today but even so there are problems galore in the underdeveloped world. Ripe pickings for unscrupulous leaders and/or terrorists types with a promise.

At the rapture the believers of the world will be removed. The restraint on sin will be removed and evil will run rampant - violence, crime, tremendous inequities, gangs, the failings of society world wide. Into this will step one who is decreed by God, who will make desolate even to destruction the human race. In this setting of great misery will God make covenants with 'the many'. These 'many' will believe in Christ by the millions, and they will be martyred by the millions. Satan's champion, this anti-christ will have his way for 3 1/2 years while attempting to establish his utopia through manipulation of tyranny. He will fail and the blame will be dumped on God. The sacrifices in the temple will be interrupted. This does not imply animal sacrifices but worship services. They will be terminated again as when Antiochus attempted to terminate them for just over six years. The abomination of desolations, or an image of this anti-christ will be erected in the temple at the mid point of the Tribulation. By the way, Satan will be ejected by force from heaven by Michael the archangel and forced to earth at this mid point time, or 3 1/2 years into the Tribulation. Satan will be in a panic. His time is nearly up and so the tyranny and murderous crimes will increase dramatically during the last half, the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. This all culminates in the Armageddon war.

Thus ends the message to Daniel. The last weeks of years is future. When? We don't know, but it is decreed and will occur with certainty. Ours and the next generation are probably the best and most prosperous generations of history. The last couple of generations in history (whenever they occur) will be facing trouble of all kinds and probably be miserable generations with lots of prosperity intermixed in the tremendous poverty world wide. Note also that the temple will exist n the Tribulation, therefore since it does not exist today in Jerusalem, it will be built sometime in the future. Perhaps during the Tribulation (in its beginning), or perhaps during our dispensation. No one knows. I read in the paper today that there was a law or some type of referendum in Israel calling for Jew only communities beginning with Jerusalem. Interesting situation over there, what with all the trouble of late.

Sometimes in history things happen quickly, once many ingredients are in their proper place. But often times things happen very slowly as God purposefully drives the winds of history to where things are going to end up as intended. We are probably witnessing one of the many slow placements of events in history. Events and circumstances and conditions which will shape the next generation. No matter what is to take place tomorrow, we have our marching orders today - study, grow up spiritually, and let God do all the work.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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