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Dan. 11:41



41 He shall enter [bow'] also into the glorious [tsabiy] land ['erets], and many [rab] countries shall be overthrown [kashal]: but these shall escape [malat] out of his hand [yad], even Edom ['Edom], and Moab [Mow'ab], and the chief [re'shiyth] of the children [ben] of Ammon [`Ammown]. KJV-Interlinear



41 He will also enter the Beautiful Land, and many countries will fall; but these will be rescued out of his hand: Edom, Moab and the foremost of the sons of Ammon. NASB



Israel has been called by several names, 'the land of the ornament', 'the land of the gazelle', and here the 'beautiful land.' It is the center of the world as far as history goes. All other lands spread out across the planet, do not carry the history or the meaning of history, as does Israel, or that location on earth.


The King of the North invades like a dense cloud. It will come from the north in a southerly direction like a storm, Eze. 38:9. Here, Ezekiel describes the tenacity of the invasion by the King of the North. It will be similar to the German blitzkrieg, as Hitler's forces stormed across Europe back in World War II.


The Northern army will advance by land, sea and air, and it will advance primarily through the region we now call Israel.


This location is identified by comparison of to all the verses we have already studied in Daniel 11, namely the history of the Seleucid and the Ptolemy dynasties, but also in Eze. 38:8 there is a reference to the land where many have, 're-gathered from many nations.'


This is not the regathering, which will occur following the Second Advent. This regathering is prior to the war that will occur in the Middle East and described in Ezekiel and Daniel. This regathering is already historic, prior to Armageddon.


We saw a dramatic regathering following World War II, in 1948. However, that too, is not our regathering reference. Remember that the Church Age is silent, the mystery age, from the view of the Old Testament.


Therefore, even though there is a current nation called Israel, Jewish people have been regathering, ever so slowly, for centuries. After the Rapture, there will be another regathering into Israel.


Why would this occur? After World War II, many Jewish peoples worldwide had nowhere to go, so they naturally gravitated toward the Middle East. Post Rapture, there will be chaos and turmoil in the world, and these Jews will be unbelievers (initially), as everyone on earth will be strictly unbelievers. Again, I say that this is the initial status of people worldwide, immediately after the Rapture.


The Rapture will be a wake up call for millions, and a very dramatic wake up call. Many will see it, recognize it for what it really is, and with respect to the Jewish population, many will go to Israel. Out of there will come the 144,000 Jewish evangelists who will spread the gospel of Christ, and of course they will be persecuted.


There will be great wealth in Israel. We have already seen this from the previous verses, as well as in our study in Ezekiel. There will also be a very cruel and mentally ill dictator leading Israel, with the support he receives from the very powerful, and very mentally ill, leader of the Western Kingdom, the anti-christ. Both leaders are under great delusions of their own grandeur.


The army of the North will sweep down through the Israeli regions including those nations all around Israel. On the north, is Syria, Turkey, etc. On the East are Persia, (Iran of today), Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and many of those other little Arab nations.


What is interesting here in this verse is that these Arab nations will topple over easily. Just as in the Gulf War, when the press made a big deal about the 'elite' fighting forces of Sadam. Then the world witnessed their total unfolding, their running, including their surrender to simple recon planes.


So also will be the nature of the 'fighting forces of this Southern Alliance. They will be weak cowards in short. Islam does not make a strong fighting force, never has, never will.


Other religions are, lest you become confused, not honorable philosophies of peace. They are evil and sow seeds of disorientation to peoples, directing them away from Christ, and heaven. The Lake of Fire is their legacy. What honor is there in that?


The words, in this verse speaking to this are, 'kashal', meaning overthrown, fall, made weak, to totter. This is in the masculine. In addition, this comes to mean the overwhelming power of a 'real mans army' has come to fight, and it met with women on the battlefield. The other word is countries, which is in the feminine, which comes to represent what happens when tough bad men meet weak women, and the men take their way with the women.


The women are humiliated and helpless. They lay down, as it were, in total submission, (no fight or resistance), and let the attacker have his way. This is the nature of the Army of the North when dealing with its opponent, the weak and sissy 'armies' of the South.


This is the greatest opportunity of the Southern alliance in history, and they, even then, will fall without a fight. History will never record a historical sustaining power, coming out of these Islamic nations. Their strength is in their alliances with other sphere's of power. Take the oil money away and all that remains are camels in the desert.


Now, with many Jews seeing the Rapture, recognizing they have just missed the boat, even though they have been faithful to their Judaism beliefs, and probably expressing themselves in their favorite descriptive words or phrases, (we call them expletives these days - you know, those four letter words with expression!!!), because they have just missed the meaning of life altogether, and now many will feel a strong desire to go to Israel. This causes an influx into the region.


The Arabs, or Palestinians of today would certainly react to these peoples coming in and needing homes, jobs, etc. More pressure is applied to an already tense situation.


The King of the South puffs his chest like a butting bull, but doesn't accomplish anything. The King of the North launches a rocket attack through the region, not only racing through Israel, but racing through its 'former' allies, those Arab states we are calling the Southern Alliance. The classic double cross as it were.


The countries along the East of Israel, Moab, Ammon, and Edom, are not the focus of the attack. This is our modern day country of Jordan. However, they too lay down without any resistance. Israel is the target, and the neutralizing of the King of the South is also accomplished.


By the way, this all occurs in the last half of the Tribulation. The Tribulation is a seven-year period, which Daniel refers to as the seventieth week, in the history of the dispensation of the Age of Israel. This is the last seven years in that dispensation.


During the first half of the Tribulation, Satan attempts to accomplish his utopia. It fails and ends in terrible brutalities. At the mid point of the Tribulation, Satan is ejected by force, from heaven. Michael accomplishes this. In addition, Satan is thrown down to earth where, in a panic now, because his days are getting very short, he attempts to destroy the Jews world wide, and specifically the Jewish believers, (Christians), in Jerusalem.


This all sets the stage for the final battle called Armageddon, which will take place in the Valley of Jezreel, or the great plain of Jezreel, which runs through the center of Israel. Armageddon means Mount of Megiddo, and in Joel, is called the valley of Jehoshaphat. Israel s current day city port of Haifa, is at the valley s western edge on the Mediterranean, and it runs to the Jordan River.


These are the opening volleys of that final battle. There is a lot more to come.

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