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Dan. 12:1

Lesson # Dan. 12:1
Study Material - Dan. 12:1

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 12:1

1 'Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued.

'At that time', is the lull in the ferocity of the final war of the Tribulation. The war is not yet over. There remains to come yet an even more intense battle. Not that this battle world wide has not been the worst in history. It has certainly, but an even worse battle remains.

The command here is faith, and wait. The Jews and Christians worldwide have fought a good fight but now they are going to be in a position of total helplessness. Faith is all that will remain, but Christ is not yet going to return, thus the promise of Michael, the guardian defender of the Jewish peoples, and the implication of others (angels) who will now stand up to defend believers everywhere, 'everyone who is found written in the book.'

There are many books of record in heaven. Of these books we have seen one in Daniel, the 'Book of Truth', which is a reference to the divine decrees, or world history as pre-recorded in heaven and revealed by God from time to time. God does not determine history. God does not cause history. God does not interfere with mans right to make decisions, nor with mans actions in history. But God has fore knowledge all of history, right down to the smallest detail and thought of every created thing. God has the power to give life and to take it away. Therefore God can control history, but placing each individual into history (birth) at the appropriate time, knowing all that, that person will think and do along with all the interactions that, that person and everyone else will have amongst themselves, and so forth. God can also take life away (death) thus preventing evil from becoming overwhelming to soon in history.

God raises up champions from time to time. The book of Judges. And this in turn brings stability and prosperity back to planet earth. God allows great evil to rise from time to time, so as to punish those who would embrace evil (rejecting good, God, and truth, etc.).

This is the end times, the last battle of the Tribulation. The King of the North has been defeated and lay in heaps of bodies on the battle fields of the world. You would think people would suddenly notice the silence, a strange silence. 'Is it all over? Did Christ return?' They begin to raise their heads and come out of their hiding places. But wait. Read on in the scriptures. When Christ returns everyone will see him. Everyone world wide. The battle will still be raging and Christ will Himself defeat the enemies once and for all. Then, Matt 24:23 'Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him.'

Back to Daniel 12:11-12. The battle will rage, but do not be fooled by the lull. It is a false silence. Keep your heads down, remain in your refuge whatever it might be. Those who ignore his warning will jump out, dance their victory dance, and suddenly they will see why they should not have began their celebration early. They will be caught up in the last and final ferocious fight, and they will die for their lack of attention to Gods Word.

A warning and a promise. Michael is one of two great elect angels actually named in the scriptures. He is the guardian of the Jewish peoples, and now he will be the protector of those who have believed in Christ. All, and this is now a promise that will be very real to those in Jerusalem, all who have believed in Christ at that point in time, will definitely be delivered. They will not see death, but they will see the most miraculous deliverance in the history of mankind.

We do not look to angels for our deliverance, but in this case Michael will be dispatched to protect Jerusalem and those believers in it. The furious war will increase in its intensity. The war was between men, but now we see that the war was actually between the angelic realm. We know who is on our side, Michael. But who is on the other side? Who is the enemy? Satan is that evil enemy who is bent on destroying Jews, believers, and Jerusalem, so that Christ cannot fulfill His promise to return to deliver all those who remain alive during these final days in the Tribulation. If Satan can destroy Jerusalem and all its people, then God will have failed to keep a promise. And we know that God is incapable of failure. Therefore Satan is in a panic, and Michael is there to oppose Satan. Michael will be very successful. Satan will fail.

But now the warning and caution. Do not be fooled by the silence of war or of rumor. Wait until you actually see the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, coming with clouds (a huge army of Church Age believers). Then and only then will the end of the war come.

Oh yes, the books. The Book of Life is where every believer's name is recorded. Referred to in Revelation. This book which holds the names of all those who have believed in Christ, is the proof of our salvation and of the authority of Christ's work on the Cross. There is another book in heaven, the Book of Works. In it is recorded every good deed that people have ever thought or performed. This will actually be the basis for their indictment and judgment into the Lake of Fire. The works of people carry no weight on the scales of Justice. Only the work of Christ on the Cross carries weight in heaven. Selecting ones own good works over faith in Christ is the basis of ones own indictment of crimes against God, the one single unforgivable sin, refusal to believe in Christ, which is not really a sin but a very bad decision rejecting God. By the way actually every name of every person who is ever born into life is recorded in the Book of Life. Revelation further details that what you don't want to happen is to die an unbeliever and in so doing have your name blotted out. God is not crude. He gives everyone a chance, actually many chances. But death is final and if you have not believed in Christ, then you name gets blotted out.

Likewise, we all do good of some sort during our life, and therefore we are all recorded to some extent in the Book of Works. Nothing wrong with that. The Book of Life is the important book to remain in when ones life is completed. Faith in Christ is the promise of an eternal life with God in heaven when all of human history is finally over. Here, that promise extends to deliverance from the last great battle on earth, and the promise of entering into the Millennium alive and well.

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