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Dan. 12:4

Lesson # Dan. 12:4
Study Material - Dan. 12:4

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Dan. 12:4

4 'But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.'

Just a quick note from yesterdays study notes. There are four resurrections that will take place in history. Look at the chart on the Index page of the Bible Study web site.

These four are: First, Jesus Christ was resurrected. He was the only one resurrected in His resurrection. He is said to be the first of the first fruits. His resurrection occurred after the third day following the Cross. Early Sunday morning sometime. He, to this day, is the only person to receive resurrection.

The second resurrection will be the Rapture of the Church, when all Church Age believers will be resurrected in an instant, in a twinkling of an eye. All those who have died before us and those who remain alive in that final Church Age generation, will be caught up in the clouds with Christ and then whisked off to heaven. Those peoples who are unbelievers at the time of the Rapture will remain on this earth and live, and die, in the Tribulation. That seven year period which is the final seven years of the Age of Israel which we, Church Age believers, interrupted some 1972 years ago (2002 - 30).

We, the Church Age believers will go to heaven and spend those seven years in heaven doing the following. For the first half we will be evaluated by Christ at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Where we will be rewarded according to our spiritual status (spiritual growth), or lack thereof. See the parable in Matt. 25:14 and following. God gave us doctrine to invest in our soul. Many do nothing with it (no spiritual growth), and therefore will lose out on eternal rewards and blessings, etc. Very few people will do a great deal with their Bible study (advance to spiritual maturity), and therefore will be rewarded with much. During the last half of the Tribulation (on earth), we in heaven will be celebrating our wedding feast. Satan will be evicted from heaven by Michael, and all hell will break loose down on earth, but we will be feasting and preparing for the triumphant return of Christ in His Second Advent.

The third resurrection will occur at the end of the tribulation when all Old Testament believers will be resurrected. Then fourth, at the end of the Millennium all Millennial believers will receive their resurrection.

There is one more resurrection and that is for all unbelievers. It occurs at the end of human history, at the end of the Millennium. They will be raised for the purpose of their sentencing to the lake of fire. That is their second death and then history ends. We all will go into the eternal state, new heaven, new earth, and so forth.

Daniel is given all this information, with the exception of the Church Age which is kept secret from the Old Testament, but is told to keep it concealed. This does not mean concealed such that no one can understand it. Obviously we have just read this chapter. But what is kept concealed is the specific identities of the various persons and parties involved. We guess at the regions of power (north, south, east, and west), but we do not know the specific identity of the ten nations, the single little nation, the leaders, etc. These all will be revealed 'after' the rapture. We as church Age believers will not have the benefit of having this knowledge. People living in the Tribulation will have the knowledge revealed to them and it will be very clear to them. They will then have the challenge to either accept Christ or continue in their rejection of Him.

Conceal and seal have another meaning here as well. This prophecy has specific meaning to a specific time in history. As that time approaches, the reading and interpretations will become more and more clear. During those times, transportation and knowledge will be on the increase. Since it has been many centuries, the meaning comes to be, protect and preserve the context of this prophecy. Conceal means to keep it tucked away for a later time in history, for the appropriate time. Seal means, it is completed. The prophecy has been stated, and let no one change it in any form. History will be as stated and not man nor angel will be able to change it, but in fact they will actually bring it all to pass of their own free will.

Once the time is at hand, then the true meanings will be made known. The prophecy will be apparent and obvious, and 'knowledge will increase' with respect to this prophecy and its impact on those who will live it. Also, it is quite obvious that transportation and knowledge in this world are on the rise and dramatically. So there too is a dual meaning as far as we know in our present day. But remember that the Rapture is an eminent concept. It could have occurred at any time in these last 1972 years (but of course it has not occurred yet). So transportation and knowledge is a relative concept with respect to history. Since this prophecies revelation is tied to increased activity, then its meaning is tied to the understanding of its words. Going to and fro is also related to the searching's out of the meanings of doctrine. Many will travel the scriptures, search out, their meanings. And this is true in every generation. As there are always those who strongly desire to know the Word of God. In that last generation of the Church Age there may very well be a very small number of believers (relative to world population), therefore the searching's in scripture are small in number, again relative to the searching's of other philosophies. Also, the Church Age is never mentioned in the Old Testament, so this all relates to the Age of Israel, and specifically that last week of seven years during that dispensation.

So when it is all said and done, we know only that 1972 years have passed since the Church Age has begun. That the Tribulation has not yet come. That these events are all future, and that the world has a composition right now that does not seem like it will change very much in the future. We obviously must be getting closer to the time of the end. We just do not know whether it will begin tomorrow or a century from now.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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