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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study

Genesis 1:29-31

29 And God [elohiym] said [amar], Behold [hinneh], I have given [nathan] you every herb [eseb] bearing [zara] seed [zera], which is upon the face [paniym] of all the earth [erets], and every tree [ets], in the which is the fruit [pariy] of a tree [ets] yielding [zara] seed [zera]; to you it shall be [hayah] for meat [oklah].
30 And to every beast [chay] of the earth [erets], and to every fowl [owph] of the air [shamayim], and to every thing that creepeth [ramas] upon the earth [erets], wherein there is life [chay] [nephesh], I have given every green [yereq] herb [eseb] for meat [oklah]: and it was so.
31 And God [elohiym] saw [ra'ah] every thing that [aher] he had made [asah], and, behold, it was very [ma`od] good [towb]. And the evening [ereb] and the morning [boqer] were the sixth [shishshiy] day [yowm]. KJV-Interlinear

29 Then God said, 'Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; 30 and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food' ;and it was so. 31 And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. NASB

Psa. 136:25, God provides food for all living creatures. For mankind specifically, He provides spiritual food as well because man is both body (biological), and soul (human life) and spirit (eternal life - believers only). Thus there is provision for all needs of mankind both physical and spiritual.

Not until Gen. 9:3 does the Bible disclose that animal meat became permitted as food. This is after the flood and some 1600+ years after the creation of Adam. However, Abel sacrificed animals in the prescribed manner vs. Cain's illegal offering of grain. And Adam and Eve were given clothing of 'skins', animal skins in Gen. 3:21. So since the consumption of animal meat was a part of the Levitical sacrifices, then the eating of meat began early on, after the garden eviction.

Up until this time, the plants of the earth gave enough food for everyone. God had made provision for all of man's needs in this respect, as well as the animal life on earth. But after the eviction from the Garden of Eden, then plant life would only come in its season and therefore animal meat as food was necessary for the sustaining of life. Thus it was necessary for the sacrifice of life in order to promote and preserve life.

Just as Christ did at the Cross, when He made the ultimate and perfect sacrifice for all of humanity in order that we might have eternal life by believing in Him.

God had concluded the last part of day six with the statement that all was 'very' good, not just 'good', but very good. God provides everything we could ever need. He does not provide everything that we might want. The task of restoring the world was completed.

Just as Christ stated on the Cross, finished, so here God stated that the work for human history was completed and thus very good. God gave man dominion over the animals of this world, but only the food from the plant was for eating. The food from the plant came up from the earth and thus fed the body. God provides food from above which feeds the soul. But often times man does not accept God's food.

Psa 78:18, the Israelites asked for food from their lusts. Matt. 6:26, even the birds do not sow or reap. They do no work for their food, yet God provides it for them without their effort. Man could learn that he does not have to work for his provisions. Work in the sense of the hustle required of the jungle life.

We still have our responsibilities and must follow all of the prescribed commands God has laid down for us. But if we learn His word and grow up spiritually, then we will soon realize that it is God who provides for us. It is He who provides the proper interview, or sales, or customers. God brings all things to the door step of your life. You have but to learn His Word and then your life will function in accordance with His plan and will. Your natural desires will be compatible with those of God's and therefore your life will become stabilized.

Psa. 139:1-16, God knows us completely, He sees all of our being. There is nothing that can be hidden from God.

So God provides, but man isn't satisfied. And the unsatisfied person is typical of the negative believer. When we rely on our sin nature then there is never enough. There is always the need for more. The Soul is not fed therefore it is not satisfied and is yearning for more.

The negative person simply does not realize that his soul is starving for Gods Word, the only food that can satisfy the soul. And thus when God is rejected or ignored, then reliance is made on the sin nature which lacks any kind of strength or power. Only Gods Word in the soul can provide Gods power and strength and wisdom to the persons life.

Acts 15:18, God makes all things known even from the beginning. Jer. 2:23, Mankind has a tendency to go His own way despite all of the provisions from God. God has in six days made all the provisions necessary. He could have done all of this in an instant. But He decided for our benefit to proceed through each step during a six day period to demonstrate His sovereignty, His power, His entire essence.

He established a beginning and will cause the termination as well. God set into motion a plan for humanity and even Satan did not know what was a foot, but had to observe and wait the revelation from God, the one whom he aspired to be greater than. He should have got a clue from that!!

Yet one more evening and morning and the sixth day is completed and God's work is completed. He has made all the provisions necessary for human history. And when God rests, we too should rest in His word and wisdom. If all the work has been done then there is nothing more for man to do. Man did not help in the creation of the universe, nor did he help in the design of the earth.

God has created, 'bara', mans soul from nothing as well as the life he breathed into the soul (note that the soul is not created in the womb, however biological life does exist in the womb). God created, 'asah', man in accordance to a pattern, God's image, mental capabilities and decision capabilities, soul capabilities.

God has provided for the perpetuation of life on the earth through separate reproduction mechanisms. Which in turn indicates that there will be death eventually, otherwise there would be no need for reproductive mechanisms.

Here man and animals have forever existence while in the garden. God provides all the food and water necessary to sustain life indefinitely, but that is not the plan. God gave man volition to demonstrate that mans failure can be reconciled again. This will be the undoing of Satan. While Satan is standing in the shadows watching, he is contriving his plan for destroying that which God has created. Evil does not create, it destroys. Negative people do not promote life, they ruin it. God created in these six days more than our technology could ever discover let alone reproduce.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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