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Daily Bible Study

Gen. 2:4-7

4 These [el-leh] are the generations [towladah] of the heavens [shamayim] and of the earth [erets] when they were created [bara], in the day [yowm] that the LORD [Yahovah] God [elohiym] made [asah] the earth [erets] and the heavens [shamayim],
5 And every plant [siyach] of the field [sadeh] before [terem] it was in the earth [erets], and every herb [eseb] of the field [sadeh] before [terem] it grew [tsamach]: for [kiy] the LORD [Yahovah] God [elohiym] had not [lo] caused it to rain [matar] upon the earth [erets], and there was not [ayin] a man [adam] to till [abad] the ground [adamah].
6 But there went up [alah] a mist [ed] from [min] the earth [erets], and watered [shaqah] the whole face [paniym] of the ground [adamah].
7 And the LORD [Yahovah] God [elohiym] formed [yatsar] man [adam] of the dust [aphar] of [min] the ground [adamah], and breathed [naphach] into his nostrils [aph] the breath [nashamah] of life [chay]; and man [adam] became a living [chay] soul [nephesh]. KJV-Interlinear

4 This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven. 5 Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the LORD God had not sent rain upon the earth; and there was no man to cultivate the ground. 6 But a mist used to rise from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground. 7 Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. NASB

Here we have an account of the creation of the heavens and the earth. The heavens refers to the universe in general and the earth specifically refers to this planet. Created is the word 'bara', which means to create out of nothing. Thus the initial creation of all things was out of nothing.

The next reference to creation is that God 'made' the earth and the heaven. Made is the word 'asah', to make in accordance to a pattern and this refers to the restoration of the earth out of the chaos that Satan caused.

The Bible further indicates the specific person of the Godhead who did this, 'Jehovah', which is the Lord or the second person of the trinity. Here Jesus Christ is identified as the one who did the actual creating.

In Ex. 6:3, Jehovah appeared and made Himself known to the patriarchs, and this is a reference to the second person of the trinity, the visible and seen member of the Godhead.

In many other passages Jesus Christ is the reference for mans interaction with God. It was He in the burning bush, the occupant of the tabernacle, the pillar of fire or cloud that led the Israelites, the Lord of Hosts who appeared before Joshua to remind Joshua that it was Christ who was really in command not Joshua.

No shrub or plant were on the earth, nor did the earth originate plant life, nor was there any rain to cause the plants to start their life, nor was there any sun to help cause the plants to grow but the light of God only, nor was there any man or any other thing to cultivate the plant life.

All plant life was originated by God not evolution. God caused all plant life to come into being at once and instantly from nothing, 'bara'. See chapter 1 notes. Rain by the way would not come until the time of the flood in Noah's time, some 1600 + years later.

Amos 4:7, God lets the rain come or withholds it in accordance to His own will whether it be world wide or by selected locations. God has total control over the weather and decreed the events of weather just as He decreed everything else in eternity past.

The lack of rain is mentioned here. It is Gods will and blessing that watered the earth, not rain. The mist or morning dew which comes in silence and drenches thoroughly and satisfies the thirsty. The rain comes in waves and is selective as to its location. Rain is from the weather patterns of earth, part of the production of the earth which is lacking, but when God causes it to rain, then everything is watered and nothing is left lacking. So Bible doctrine in the life causes a satisfaction and growth and production that the world can not provide. Deu. 32:2.

We are wonderfully made, Psa. 130:14

1 Cor. 15:47, the first man, Adam was from this common dust, but the second man, Christ was from heaven, the deity of Christ.

Psa. 139:15, we are from the earth. Job 1:21, we came from the earth and to it our bodies will return. Job 4:19, our foundation is of this earth. Job 10:9, we were fashioned from earth. Job 28:5, the food for our bodies comes from the earth. Job 17:14, we are totally integrated with the earth. It is our ancestry. So where is the boasting of mankind? Where will man go who is so tied to the decay of the world?

All the other life forms were created or made, but man is now disclosed as being a part of an additional step in his production. God formed man. Formed is now the word 'yatsar', which means to form out of a material and that material is the dust, common dust. We were not formed out of the dust of gold, nor the dust off of pearls, but the common and useless dust of the land. The dust that can be blown away with the wind and has no foundation in anything, but is at the mercy of the world and dependent on the grace of God. Again the Lord God, the second person of the trinity, performed this function.

Then God breathed, the word 'napach' which is to exhale. God exhaled life from the source of Himself and into man's soul. He breathed the 'breath of life', 'neshamah', which is the spark of life. Note the sequence. The body was formed in its biological structure, then God breathed from the source of Himself, the spark of life into man, and thus man sprung into life, a living being.

All other life comes into being biologically, then ceases to exist when it dies. This applies to animal life. Man is a living soul. Man cannot live apart from life in the soul. With a dead soul, the body dies. With life in the soul, the body lives. Life comes to the soul after the body has been created.

Now the emotional question of abortion comes into focus. The fetus is not a living human being, but common sense indicates that late in the pregnancy term there is the potential for survival for a fetus.

Also, in the early stages of a pregnancy (two or three months along for example) there is no chance for a fetus to live apart from the womb. You can let your emotions rule you and religion has caused a lot of people grief through the imposition of guilt in this area. But, God is the source of life. If a fetus comes early, then God may or may not cause life to come into it.

Nevertheless, you should not feel guilty about aborting an unwanted pregnancy. You have harmed no one, because no one exists. Obviously this procedure should be performed as early as possible to avoid other medical complications. The circumstances of your life or of your pregnancy should dictate your decision to abort or not. Make your decision on the basis of truth, however, and not emotional guilt.

God breathed into the nostrils of the already formed human being. He did not breath into each speck of dust as He assembled man. Isa. 42:5, again refers to the life given to man out from the womb and the spirit of life, the spark of life breathed into formed man.

Job wished on several occasions that he had not come into existence but had ceased while inside the womb and had never seen life. So life, human life starts at the point of birth.

I saw each of my children born. As the little slime blobs came out, I personally was allowed to cut the cord. I witnessed the first breath each child took. It is an experience that every Dad should be allowed to experience. Likewise, here on the ranch, I have witnessed the birth of many animals and have seen those which spring to life and those that did not. I can't imagine the emotion of a parent witnessing the birth of a child that does not spring to life, but that occurs in life too. I am thankful that each of my kids took that first breath. Then they hit the terrible two's, and one could have second thoughts!!! Oh well!!

These three verses sum up the creation and the sequence and source of life and all things. No life occurs unless it is first willed by God. All life comes from God and from no other source. Your entire existence is the result of the grace of God. Your ability, your IQ, your social status, etc. have nothing to do with anything in your life.

God has merely allowed these many situations to exist in order to demonstrate that He can bring anyone who is positive, to the point of spiritual maturity and to demonstrate the total subjectivity and bias of mankind in establishing classes within the human race, based on these superficial factors.

Remember that in the end all of these factors will go away, and in eternity none of these differences will exist. There will be neither male not female, nor Jew or Gentile, nor marriage nor giving in marriage. We are all living souls just with different wrappings at God's discretion, and humor of sorts.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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