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Daily Bible Study

Gen. 2:10-14

10 And a river [nahar] went out [yatsa] of Eden [Eden] to water [shaqah] the garden [gan]; and from thence it was parted [parad], and became into four [arba] heads [ro'sh].
11 The name [shem] of the first [echad] is Pison [Piyshown]: that [huw] is it which compasseth [cabab] the whole land [erets] of Havilah [Chaviylah], where [aher] there is gold [zahab];
12 And the gold [zahab] of that [huw] land [erets] is good [towb]: there is bdellium [badolach] and the onyx [shoham] stone [eben].
13 And the name [shem] of the second [sheniy] river [nahar] is Gihon [Giychown]: the same is it that compasseth [cabab] the whole land [erets] of Ethiopia [Kuwsh].
14 And the name [shem] of the third [shaliyshiy] river [nahar] is Hiddekel [Chiddeqel]: that is it which goeth toward [halak] the east [qidmah] of Assyria [Ashshuwr]. And the fourth [rabiy`iy] river [nahar] is Euphrates [Parath]. KJV-Interlinear

10 Now a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; and from there it divided and became four rivers. 11 The name of the first is Pishon; it flows around the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold. 12 And the gold of that land is good; the bdellium and the onyx stone are there. 13 And the name of the second river is Gihon; it flows around the whole land of Cush. 14 And the name of the third river is Tigris; it flows east of Assyria. And the fourth river is the Euphrates. NASB

The origin of the waters of this world was in Eden. The source of God's provision. The water flowed out of Eden and was divided into four separate rivers going in four separate directions to the four corners of the globe as it were. They watered the whole land mass called Havilah. Rev. 22:1, The real water of life comes from the throne of God. That also supplied the original Eden, or Garden of God, where Lucifer once lived and lost his paradise due to his original sin. Psa. 46:4, There is a river that makes glad the city of God. Doctrine in your soul is your source of true happiness and contentment in your life. Psa. 1:3, The tree of righteousness is planted by streams of water, doctrine flowing and continually nourishing the tree, or the righteous person, the one who is positive and advancing in his spiritual life.

Havilah is distinguished as another area vs. Eden. In Eden there was everything good for life. Havilah had gold, and precious stones, things of this world, but Eden had Bible doctrine and the source of life from God. This source flowed out from Eden and into Havilah not the other way around. Eden was certainly the place to be, not Havilah.

The river came out of Eden and not only watered Eden but Havilah as well, the rest of the world outside the Garden. God not only supports that area which He claims as His own, but He supports all other areas as well. There is a lot of speculation as to where Havilah was as well as the Garden of Eden. Many have tried to identify the four rivers that came out of the one single river which originated in the Garden. But it is all speculation.

It could have been that the separate continents of today were all one land mass with Eden in the center, or on the eastern edge. The one river coming out of Eden like a spring and flowing outward toward the rest of the land and emptying into the oceans that surrounded the entire land mass.

Then in the days of Noah when the flood covered the earth, the entire land mass was suddenly under miles of water. With all the power and force of that much water, the continents split off of the single land mass into their present configuration of the seven continents. There is that number seven again!! Makes you wonder.

Anyway this is only speculation. But if God can create the universe in an instant, then He can certainly rearrange the earth in the flood. Anyway, what was the purpose for the earth being buried under water for an entire year. To kill off all of life would have taken but a few days at most, if even that, one would think.

The purpose of this breakup would be to help preserve the human race by means of geographical distances and barriers and such, as well as shaping the planet for the global history which you are no doubt aware of.

Psa. 47:4, God chooses our paradise. He sets our plan and makes all the arrangements in life that we need. It is our poor decisions that screw things up. We do it to ourselves. God provides the best and we go astray for the worst.

Man was not made of the dust in Eden, in paradise, but man was made of the dust outside of Eden. We were made of common dust, dust of no value. Then God placed man in the Garden. Adam saw what it was like outside the garden and he saw the contrast when he was placed inside the garden. So Adam had knowledge of both locations. The best and worst of Havilah, and the best and worst of Eden. The worst of course was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which was the forbidden zone.

Now we have many contrasts established for Adam. He could choose between to locations to live in. He could have simply walked out of the Garden. He had a choice of food and only one tree that was off limits with respect to its food source.

Adam could see probably that all life resources came from the Garden and it even fed the area outside the Garden as well as the Garden itself. Later we will see that Christ walked with Adam in the Garden daily and educated him in all matters. Adam had an extremely high IQ and understood the entire situation.

So far Adam is alone. He could have chosen a mate from among the animals, but he did not. He waited on God's timing and provision in that area.

We too have daily choices to make in life. We can see all around us and understand the issues of this life. God's Word keeps the issues clear, whether you acknowledge God's Word or not. Just as Adam was aware of his environment, so we are aware of ours and the choice between God or the world is ever before us.

Which way do you choose? To live inside the Garden which God provides, or to live outside the Garden on your own?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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