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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.
Daily Bible Study

Genesis 14:8-12

Lesson # Genesis 14:8-12
Study Material - Genesis 14:8-12

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Gen. 14:8-12

8 And the king of Sodom and the king of Gomorrah and the king of Admah and the king of Zeboiim and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar) came out; and they arrayed for battle against them in the valley of Siddim, 9 against Chedorlaomer king of Elam and Tidal king of Goiim and Amraphel king of Shinar and Arioch king of Ellasar-- four kings against five. 10 Now the valley of Siddim was full of tar pits; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, and they fell into them. But those who survived fled to the hill country. 11 Then they took all the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah and all their food supply, and departed. 12 And they also took Lot, Abram's nephew, and his possessions and departed, for he was living in Sodom.

So now the battle. Chedorlaomer attacked from the north. Moving down along the east side of the Jordan River. Attacking first the Rephaim who resided east of the Sea of Galilee, then next the Zuzim to the south of that, and in the area east of the Jordan and between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Next, they continued south along the east side of the Jordan and attacked the Emim who resided east of the Dead Sea region. Then continuing south through the land of the Horites to the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba which is at the northern tip of the Red Sea on the east side of the Sinai Peninsula. They next began their clock wise movement to the west and north advance through the land of the Amalekites and the Amorites, completing their circle back to the southern end of the Dead Sea region, the Valley of Siddim.

This is when the forces of Sodom and company come out to fight. The forces of Chedorlaomer are to their south attacking northward. The forces of Sodom et. al. Are pursued northward where they fall into the tar pits and die, as others escape into the hills. Chedorlaomer continues his trip home along the western side of the Jordan as he travels north and then east toward Damascus.

Four kings against five. But the five lost and even after the four had been on the march for quite some time and had already been involved in other battles prior to their meeting. And so this is a picture of the world. Justice by force. Chedorlaomer took what he determined was his. He did not have any valid claim other than his presumed rule over the region, which these people rejected after twelve years. But they did go along with it for that length of time. Perhaps because his power brought an atmosphere of peace and promoted trade, but whatever the reason Chedorlaomer was somewhat removed from the region, and when a governing power is not on site, then the courage of those ruled grows and they think they can do what they wish. So was the thought process of Sodom and company. They rebelled and refused to pay the taxes.

Chedorlaomer came down and took what he wished, including Lot. So he not only took things, but he took people as well, for slavery. Chedorlaomer had so much loot that he was slowed down and spread out because of the vastness of it.

And so we have a picture of the spiritual implications of this battle, or series of battles. The first army attacked several armies in succession, before even getting to the region of Sodom where the rebellion had occurred. The justice and punitive punishment from Chedorlaomer was arbitrary to say the least. He did not come with an exact bill due, but simply took all that he could carry. He cleaned out all the food from Sodom and company and all the goods, plus people as slaves. That is a pretty hefty tax including penalties. Needless to say many others dies in the process. So much for law and order or even due process in law.

Lot chose to live in this valley and was caught in the middle of their problems. While Abram was adjacent to these events, Abram was not involved, directly in the attacks. At least not yet.

Lot left Bible doctrine so he lost the protection that God provides through doctrine. And here is the principle. In this world there is no true justice. The world will go its own way, and sometimes when there is a Biblical influence there you will find some justice, but when there is no Bible doctrine influence, then the jungle rules. The strong crush the weak. The strong are in the minority, and the weak are in the majority, so very few people receive the benefits of prosperity in this world. The rest of the 'weak' peoples are just slaves to the systems that exist in life.

Pursuing worldly pleasures or worldly solutions is a dead end pursuit. All the plans and perceptions of some kind of wonderful destiny in this world will come to a hard dead end. No exceptions. Even Chedorlaomer will meet his defeat despite his recent victories. Victories in this world do not mean permanent victory in life. They are merely delusions of success that will continue to send the arrogant on to their eventual final defeat.

Losses by the weak, Lot, etc., are intended to wake them up to their failed pursuits and bad decisions. The location of Lots residence was not the issue nor the source of His problems. His negative attitude toward Bible doctrine was the source of his problems. Lot was in a level of warning discipline from God. Lot could have been killed, but was taken captive instead. So he lived.

As long as you are alive, there is hope for you, and an opportunity to turn your life around. There is no true security in this world. It dishes out aggression in a random pattern. Only through Bible study and spiritual growth is security obtained and protection from the problems of this world. Al through life we have clear choices. To either choose for this world and its rewards, or choose for Bible doctrine and its rewards. The rewards of the world are temporary and will always terminate in misery. The rewards of Bible doctrine are permanent and will continue forever.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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