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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study

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This is the first book of the Bible. Written by Moses when he compiled the first five books of the Bible, which are known as the Pentateuch or the Torah.

Genesis is the book of beginnings. It introduces God and His relationship between the members of the Godhead (Father, Son, and Spirit), the relationship between God and man, and the relationship between man and man.

There are many topics in this book. And therefore the outline takes on the aspects not only of history, but of principles of doctrine as well. God introduces us to the principles that secure mans future here on earth until the final judgment, as well as the principles of eternal security for our life in heaven after death.

Introduced in Genesis are the beginning of the universe, of earth and its restoration, of man and mans failure, of death and the remedy of death, of the helplessness of man and the means of overcoming mans helplessness, the attack by Satan, the principles of volition, marriage, and nationalism.

From Adam in his innocent state in the Garden to Joseph's bones, mankind goes from an environment of freedom and perfection to an environment of death in a coffin and slavery. When man is left to his own devices things turn corrupt and rot ones life to the very core of the soul.

But in contrast, when God is allowed to run things, then life is prosperous and free from problems. Most people spend so much time focusing on their problems, on grumbling, or blaming someone or something else, that they do not see the truth of life.

Life is not simply birth, taxes and death, but an opportunity of preparing oneself for eternity. Again, too many people feel the need to do something on their own rather than leaving the mechanics of life to God. With this mis-focus of priorities, people simply miss the boat and miss the chance of a lifetime for a truly great life, as well as an unbelievably great eternity.

If you are expecting a genie, a dream that will reveal the magic lottery numbers, or something like a miracle to get you out of your miserable state, then you are missing the whole point.

The Bible does not give you and magic wand or set of rituals that will fill your pocket book. The pocket book is external to the spiritual life and not relevant to your eternal future, as are all details of life. Money won't make you happy, marriage won't make you happy, children won't make you happy, furniture, automobiles, travel, social life, and the list goes on. None of these will make you happy.

Conversely life is filled with trouble. Some have physical problems, financial problems, emotional problems, security problems, career problems, social problems, business problems, people problems, etc. These will not go away. What God does is help you grow up spiritually and give you the resources to deal with life's circumstances, and turn those problems into blessings.

The outline of this book is given below. We will begin with the first chapter and move systematically through the book of Genesis at a slow pace, so you will not be inundated with too much to cover on a daily basis.

Genesis - Outline

Part One: Primeval History (1:1--11:9)
I. Creation and Restoration 1:1--2:25
A. Creation of the Universe and Restoration of Earth 1:1--2:3
B. Creation of Man 2:4-25
II. The Fall 3:1--5:32
A. The Fall of Man 3
B. After the Fall: Conflicting Family Lines 4:1--5:32
Genealogy of pride 4:17-24
Genealogy of death 4:25--5:32
III. The Judgment of the Flood - angelic invasion, mans failure 6:1--9:29
A. Causes of the Flood 6:1-5
B. Judgment of the Flood 6:6-22
C. The Flood 7:1--8:19
D. Results of the Flood 8:20--9:17
E. After the Flood: The Sin of the Godly Line 9:18-29
IV. The Judgment on the Tower of Babel 10:1--11:9
A. Family Lines after the Flood 10
B. Judgment on all the Family Lines 11:1-9
Part Two: Patriarchal History (11:10--50:26)
I. The Life of Abraham 11:10--25:18
A. Introduction of Abram 11:10-32
B. The Covenant of God with Abram 12:1--25:18
1. Initiation of the Covenant 12
2. Separation to the Covenant 13:1--14:24
3. Ratification of the Covenant 15:1--16:16
4. Institution of the Covenant: Circumcision 17
5. Testing of the Covenant 18:1--20:18
6. Consummation of the Covenant 21:1--25:18
II. The Life of Isaac 25:19--26:35
A. The Family of Isaac 25:19-34
B. The Failure of Isaac 26:1-33
C. The Failure of Esau 26:34-35
III. The Life of Jacob 27:1--36:43
A. Jacob Gains Esau's Blessing 27:1--28:9
B. Jacob's Life at Haran 28:10--31:55
C. Jacob's Return 32:1--33:20
D. Jacob's Residence in Canaan 34:1--35:29
E. The History of Esau 36
IV. The Life of Joseph 37:1--50:26
A. The Corruption of Joseph's Family 37:1--38:30
B. The Exaltation of Joseph 39:1--41:57
C. The Salvation of Jacob's Family 42:1--50:26

End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

Daily Bible Study
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