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Isaiah 6:9


9 And he said, ['amar] Go, [yalak] and tell ['amar] this people, [`am] Hear [shama`] ye indeed, [shama`] but understand [biyn] not; and see [ra'ah] ye indeed, [ra'ah] but perceive [yada`] not. KJV-Interlinear


9 And He said, "Go, and tell this people: 'Keep on listening, but do not perceive; Keep on looking, but do not understand.'  NASB


Voluntary blindness leads to judicial blindness. People have the Word of God and have had access to it since Adam and Eve. People have Gods Word in all of its clarity. There is no one on earth who has not heard something regarding Jesus Christ who is probably the most known name on the planet. Not only that, but everyone has heard of the various stories that are in the Bible from the Garden of Eden, to Noah and the Ark, to the parting of the Red Sea, to the birth of Christ, to the Lake of Fire, to heaven and much more.

How many of you know anything of the Koran, or of the writings of Buddha? Probably very few of you. How many can recite their opening words? Very few. How many can recite the opening words of the Bible? Nearly everyone.

People hear these Bible stories and they hear the doctrines that are in the Bible regarding marriage, and family, and so forth. They keep on hearing, but ... because of their indifference, because of their disinterest in God, because they see little value in their spiritual life as defined by the Bible, they just don't formally recognize what the Bible teaches as being the only real truth and reality.

People lean on their five senses. What they can see and smell and feel mean more to them, than something intangible like faith.

People are driven by their sin nature. The sin nature is emotion driven. The emotions are driven by the needs, and wants, and desires of the soul that lacks Bible doctrine.

Not that people are trapped in a trap which they cannot break free from, because people have volition and they can always say no to their selfish drives. But, people choose with open eyes, to keep their desires of the flesh rather than change to the spiritual needs of their soul.

God warns, and warns, and warns again. How many times do we see mentioned in this Bible, the need for pursuing ones spiritual life? We read it nearly every day. It can get kind of tedious I suppose. All of the repetition and such.

But then when you consider what is really on the table and what you risk losing, then this repetition is nothing more than what a soldier does on his hourly rounds. Day after day, night after night, he makes the rounds checking that everything is secure and accounted for, that there is no enemy on the horizon. And in times of peace then this alertness finds no danger anywhere.

A person can become lax in their spiritual duties and risk missing a breach in the security of the soul.

Be grateful if your life is rather uneventful with respect to the hardships that can come at you from life. Why risk major pains when you don't have to endure them. A major pain is losing a very close loved one, losing ones home with no insurance, losing ones health, losing ones livelihood, losing ones business or way of life. Many big things can come along and ruin your life, but why should one have to go through that before they wake up to the realities of life and God and doctrine?

Yet here is Isaiah who is now commissioned to tell the people of their ruin, and the people (anyone who hears Isaiah's words), will actually hear him, but they will not believe him. They will see the point that Isaiah is making, but they will not acknowledge that it has anything to do with them.

They will use their senses to take in all that Isaiah has to say, but that information will never become a reality in their soul. All the letters and numbers will simply trickle out of their ears and fall onto the ground.

This is continued negative volition. This is a continued negative attitude habit. People will have better things to do with their lives. People will have better ideas regarding their life. People will place their own beliefs before those presented in the Bible. And their lifestyles will be shaped around the lies that they have made into their homes.

Then one day, God will say, 'Ok.' God will then stop giving out the warnings because they are rejected anyway. God will stop giving sound doctrines because they will be ignored anyway. God will stop protection because it is not wanted anyway.

What is left? The jungle.

People will hear, but they will not understand, because they choose to not understand. Also, when a person lacks a functional spiritual mechanism within their soul, then spiritual phenomena evades them. But that too is not Gods fault but their own, because the lack of a functioning spiritual mechanism has been actively rejected as well.

Disinterest in doctrine, means failure in the development of a spiritual life, and a person needs a functional spiritual life in order to have a relationship with God. Lacking that relationship, means Gods grace and favor likewise are going to be lacking.

And in order to survive even for a minute in this world, Gods grace in some form, is required.

Without Gods help, Adam and Eve would not have survived once out of the Garden. Noah would not have survived through the flood. Pioneers would not have survived in their pioneering. And you cannot survive even in your life were it not for some grace provision from God. There is even some grace in Gods patience in waiting on you to get your life together. But that patience won't last forever.

So, throw away God and Christ and doctrine and what is left for you? Nothing.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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