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Isaiah 7:12


12 But Ahaz ['Achaz] said, ['amar] I will not ask, [sha'al] neither will I tempt [nacah] ['eth] the LORD. [Yahovah] KJV-Interlinear


12 But Ahaz said, "I will not ask, nor will I test the Lord!"  NASB


And now Ahaz has been given the opportunity of a life time. He was asked to request a sign from God. He could have asked anything or for anything, and used that as his sign. But noble Ahaz, now being a bit too noble, begins to pretend piousness.

Isaiah has been there giving him the sign of the blessed nation in the face of invasion.

Ahaz receives it with skepticism.

Isaiah has been communicating words that the Lord had spoken.

Yet Ahaz has received them with skepticism.

How often do you in your life receive doctrine with skepticism or indifference?

How often in your life do you question Gods purpose and design for your life?

How often in your life do you substitute your own opinions and beliefs in place of Gods scriptures?

How often in your life do you look at Gods counsel as inconvenient or not applicable to you?

It is Ahaz who has already attempted to ally himself with the king of Assyria. He has been taking the gold and silver items from the temple to pay for that help, 2 Kg. 16.

Ahaz, among others, has been a principle cause for the downfall of the nation in his rejection of God. And although you cannot charge an entire nation for the acts and attitude of one man, this leader, represents the collective attitude of the people of the nation. That principle was true back then and is very true even in our current day.

Individuals rise of fall on their thoughts and decisions and their ultimate beliefs, and when a large enough group goes in one direction or another, then their spiritual status can be measured by the leadership they choose, or that represents them.

Ahaz now gets self-righteous. He has been tempting and using the resources of his title, and now even in the face of his own skepticism, he makes an attempt to be righteous, which is really a form of mocking and disrespect.

You cannot live life both ways. You cannot go your own way doing whatever it is that you do and then face the consequences of your actions, and then reject good counsel, and then pretend reform in order to get yourself back in the good graces of those around you.

You cannot replace responsibility with excuses or justifications.

Bible doctrine in your soul develops your overall character for the better. Lack of Bible doctrine in the soul only promotes character flaws, which are all sponsored by the sin nature within you. Doctrine overrides that sin nature influence, but you still have the make the right choices and lose the excuses and the pretense.

Ahaz had the opportunity of a lifetime. He could have had anything and with Gods blessing, but he lacked spiritual orientation and resources and thus made the wrong choice and the wrong approach to God.

When you choose for doctrine and the right choices, then opportunities open up for you.

When you make the wrong choices and choose against doctrine and Gods will for your life, in all of its aspects, then you close the doors of opportunity and open up the doors of misery.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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