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Isaiah 9:6


6 For unto us a child [yeled] is born, [yalad] unto us a son [ben] is given: [nathan] and the government [misrah] shall be upon his shoulder: [shakem] and his name [shem] shall be called [qara'] Wonderful, [pele'] Counsellor, [ya`ats] The mighty [gibbowr] God, ['el] The everlasting [`ad] Father, ['ab] The Prince [sar] of Peace. [shalowm] KJV-Interlinear


6 For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. NASB


And here we have the most unique passage in the Bible, naming and combining man and God into one unique person, the unique person of the universe and in all of existence, both man and God, who is the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ.

A child is born. The word for child, 'yeled,' refers to a lad, an offspring of the father, a young man. This child is a male, is God and the son of man.

He is born. He did not descend down out of the clouds or out of heaven. He did not materialize out of thin air. He was to be born as is the natural manner of all human babies. He was to be carried in the womb, formed as all children are formed, and then at the end of the nine month period, will be born out from the womb of his human mother, again, as is the natural method for all babies.

A son is given, reemphasizes the child is a boy, and that he is given.

The son is a gift from God. He is given out of love and principle, to man. Man has no claim on the child. Man did not create the child. When human life was imputed into the new born baby, at the point of birth, that life came from God and was and is God. The God of life and the life of God came into the child. Man did not create that life. Man cannot create life at all. All of this was a gift, but more than that, it was a miracle that only God could bring into being.

Government on his shoulders, means that he is to rule. And more than that, upon his shoulders, means that the government will rest upon him as an integral part of his being. Government and rule are his destiny and in his essence. The child will not become a part of government, but government will emanate from within him. He will become the source and essence of government.

And different names will be ascribed to him. They will not be arbitrary names, but descriptions of his nature and reputation, that are rightfully assigned and given to him, because they are him.

Wonderful, means to separate, to distinguish, to make great, and is where we obtain the connotation of a miracle or phenomenal proportions. Wonderful is an understatement for it comes with overwhelming awe.

Counselor, denotes one of massive wisdom and rank of honor with no comparison. As the eminent ruler and counselor with phenomenal wisdom, he is qualified to guide and direct humanity, thus he controls history by means of his wisdom. He is history and the corner stone of history, around which all things are determined.

The mighty God, defines the child as God. Too, the word for God can also mean hero, king or conqueror, but those names also apply to him. The male human child is also God, the victor and ruler, the one who guides and controls history.

The child is born, but God is eternal.

The everlasting father, designates the one who sires history and the future. For out of him, all of eternity will be determined. Everlasting means eternal. Father, is the title of not God the Father, but Christ who gives life and history and all of creation a new beginning by means of his presence and work.

The prince of peace, is the final title given to him in this verse. Peace is the absence of conflict, of turmoil, of insecurity, of burdens of any and all kinds. Peace is the objective of the spiritual life, the attainment of which spiritual maturity produces within the soul by means of spiritual growth and production.

The ultimate peace will occur after one has lived their life, advancing to spiritual maturity, rising in the resurrection, standing before the judgment seat of Christ, entering into the new universe and finally possessing ones eternal reward. That is the objective, meaning and purpose, and ultimate goal and completion of your life.

Sadly few will attain all of that, as too many have their eyes on the life of this world, and not on life for eternity.

Isaiah has painted a picture of battles, conflicts, sieges, dimness, and thick darkness. But out of the north, in Galilee there was light. It was the light rising in the distant and darkened northern region. And the joy and celebration of the people, the material of war laid waste, came the image of peace ensuing. The light expanding and becoming more intense as the darkness faded, until he saw in this region a man child, the prince of peace, the son of righteousness. The eye of the prophet gazed carefully on that scene, and was fixed on that portion of the picture. He sees the Messiah in his office, and describes him as already come, and as born unto the nation and family.

This is what God has given you.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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