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Isaiah 9:20


20 And he shall snatch [gazar] on the right hand, [yamiyn] and be hungry; [ra`eb] and he shall eat ['akal] on the left hand, [samo'wl] and they shall not be satisfied: [saba`] they shall eat ['akal] every man ['iysh] the flesh [basar] of his own arm: [zarowa`]KJV-Interlinear


20 And they slice off what is on the right hand but still are hungry, And they eat what is on the left hand but they are not satisfied; Each of them eats the flesh of his own arm. NASB


The state of faction and discord, division and conflict will be great.

The right is typically symbolized as that which is respected, that which provides.

The left is typically symbolized as that which is subordinate, that which is provided for.

Eating of ones own flesh indicates self-destruction, from internal strife.

So, people will take from that which is provided, will take that which is provided to others, and still are not satisfied, still will want more and more, never content, never satisfied, never attaining any semblance of personal satisfaction or happiness.

Selfishness and disloyalty will reign supreme as the chief attributes of humanity.

When Bible doctrine is ignored, when Bible doctrine is not learned as it is supposed to be learned, understood as it is supposed to be understood, applied to ones daily life as it is supposed to be applied to ones daily life, then the absence of all of this results in internal discord in oneself, and that overflows into ones relationships with others.

There is no loyalty to others, for those for whom you have responsibility, and especially for those of whom you do not know such as strangers or neighbors. It becomes an, everyone for himself mentality.

Most folks grow up in a family setting where these things are taught, and youngsters learn the basics of manners and empathy for others at a very young age. These things are ingrained in their learning and knowledge for life.

When the family setting breaks down, then that early learning breaks down and children grow up with dysfunctional attributes for life. But still they can learn eventually, because these things exist within society. That learning requires conscious effort and good decisions on their part, however.

Add Bible doctrine to the mix and anyone is capable of turning their own life around if they are so inclined.

But, when that final generation of history comes onto the scene, when the Rapture occurs and all restraint is removed from this world, then society on the whole will have virtually no incentive, no standards by which to guide them, except their own conscience.

And a mind that is inclined toward bad, will produce and promote only bad. Without structure and standards, then bad is the only thing in view and the only thing desired. The end result will be the worst decline in society ever.

And so Isaiah uses the impending destruction of the northern kingdom, to outline what will be the standard for those final days of history, and the ultimate decline of humanity.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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