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Isaiah 10:21


21 The remnant [sha'ar] shall return, [shuwb] even the remnant [sha'ar] of Jacob, [Ya`aqob] unto the mighty [gibbowr] God. ['el]  KJV-Interlinear


21 A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God. NASB


A remnant is a remainder, a residue, a very small part of the original whole.

And this number is a portion of a very large number which is enumerated in the next verse, 'sand of the sea.'

And no one can number the sands of the sea. That is a huge number.

This indicates that not only will Jewish people still be alive and living on this planet when the end days arrive, and despite all of history's attempts to destroy the Jews, their population will number in huge numbers, 'sand of the sea.'

Satan is the ultimate anti-Semitic. He has tried through various means throughout history, to destroy the Jews and to rid the world of them. This he does in an attempt to destroy Gods promise to deliver them in those last days.

Obviously if the Jews are gone, then God cannot deliver a people that do not exist.

But, Satan and all who hate the Jews, will fail in their evil attempt to rid the world of them.

Over time this has ended up in atrocity after atrocity. But God distributed the Jews, over the centuries, across the planet in order to preserve their number.

And Satan also has tried to remove the Jews from the Middle East, because they are to be delivered in that region, and more specifically, they will be delivered in Jerusalem. Thus the many attempts to keep them out of the Middle East and especially Jerusalem.

When Rome drove through Israel back in 70 A.D., most of the Jewish peoples were either killed, taken captive or they left. And since that time there has been a sprinkling of Jewish people in Palestine, but never a formal nation.

In the Tribulation, the nation of Israel already exists historically and prophetically. Remember that according to the Old Testament chronology, the First advent would be followed immediately by the tribulation and the seizing of power and the establishment of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Our dispensation interrupted that chronological flow of events.

But when the Rapture occurs, and since Israel as a nation had been effectively destroyed in 70 A.D., then it naturally had to come back into existence prior to the Rapture or at the very least concurrently with the Rapture. As we have hindsight, we know that the nation came back into existence in 1948.

This was not the prophetical restoration of the nation as called for by the Kingdom of God prophecy. The official nation of Israel will not come into existence until the Second Advent, and it will be populated by the remnant of Jewish believers in Christ, not Judaism, at that time. And the Millennial reign of Christ will begin. This did not occur in 1948.

Our dispensation, the Church Age, is not one of prophecy, but one of historical trends. God is maneuvering the nations throughout our dispensation, to arrange them, and making them ready for those final seven years of the Age of Israel.

Placing global powers to the north, south, east and west is a part of that positioning. Re-establishing a nation of Israel, was a part of that positioning. A rise in world population, a rise in earthquakes, a rise in technology and so forth, are all positioning maneuvers by God, readying the world for what is coming.

Both Paul and Jesus comment that one of the biggest signs, which is not a prophecy, but a sign is a trend, will be what they called the Great Apostasy.

Apostasy is a turning away from truth, but not only a turning away but a pursuit of those things that are not truth.

We see this in the pursuit of things, or secularism, or false religions and such.

Another thing that we know is that people in general have an inner need for something of a spiritual nature. When they lack that, a spiritual vacuum of sorts develops within them.

When the Rapture occurs, all believers will be removed from the world. All restraint on evil will be removed, leaving it unrestrained, and people will turn to an anti-christ person almost immediately due to his phenomenal smoke and mirror signs.

Their vacuum of soul, will pursue the anti-christ just as a vacuum dramatically draws in air when it is opened up. People entrenched in established religions would not likely turn that easily to an anti-christ type of person. That implies that even religions will lose their draw as people turn to things, or technology, or entertainments and such for their life. This leaves a vacuum, and when the time and positioning's are in place, then God will pull the lever of history to kick in the next component of His historical plan into gear.

This will allow the anti-christ to turn willing world against believers in general and Jews specifically, bringing them into his confidence initially and then destroying them in the latter half of the Tribulation.

From sands of the sea, then a remnant of but a few will survive that destruction. This paints a picture of murder, torture and general atrocities across the planet that stagger the imagination, and especially in Israel.

Of Jacob is a specific reference to the Jewish people.

The mighty God is a specific reference to the Messiah who is man, and identifies Him also as the almighty God.

Both God and man, the unique person of the universe, Jesus Christ.

This remnant did not occur in 1948, but will occur at the Second Advent, which is still an event in the future.

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