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Isaiah 10:25


25 For yet a very [miz`ar] little while, [ma`at] and the indignation [za`am] shall cease, [kalah] and mine anger ['aph] in their destruction. [tabliyth] KJV-Interlinear


25 "For in a very little while My indignation against you will be spent, and My anger will be directed to their destruction." NASB


For their rejection of God, Israel is going to be punished.

For their abuse of authority and power, in addition to their rejection of God, Assyria is going to be destroyed.

All of these events are set in history in Isaiah's day as an example of the events that will occur in the final days of history.

In general, many of these events did occur, but not to the extent nor to the ultimate finality that they indicate, therefore the ultimate application of these prophecies are both to that generation of Isaiah's day as a warning of the ultimate repercussions of their indifference toward God and truth, to later generations for the same reasons, and finally to the last generation of the Age of Israel dispensation, who will suffer the worst of the worst of the humiliations and sufferings in all of human history.

Likewise, these warnings are directed to all who might or will oppose Israel and Jews in general. Anti-Semitism is an evil. God alone reserves the right to discipline and punish His people. No one else has that right.

And even Satan who is the ultimate anti-semitic, will be dealt with in due course, for his many attempts to destroy all Jews.

The Jewish race is both genetic and symbolic. Genetic as to the physical descendants of Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob. And symbolic, as to the chosen people of God, referring to all believers in Christ.

Satan wants nothing to do with any of them.

But since these verses were first written by Isaiah and others, God has made promises to preserve Abrahams genetic descendants, through to the end of history and to rescue them. Not only will He rescue them, but many will turn from their indifferent ways and turn to Gods legitimate messiah and redeemer, Jesus Christ. The same Jesus who they rejected way back at the First Advent, crucifying Him on the Cross.

Isaiah is painting the picture of those future events that are going to take place.

You cannot wish them away, pray them away, or wish them on someone else.

Just as there are those who cry foul because of the occurrence of the Cross. That was Gods plan and that provided salvation for us all. Satan tried to corrupt the cross by making Jesus sin prior or during the cross events. Satan tried to prevent the cross from occurring altogether. But Satan himself failed to prevent Gods plan from proceeding according to Gods plan.

Satan will again try to derail the Jewish people by setting up a false new Israel. Today he has the country, but not the Temple. There happens to be a Muslim Mosque sitting on that site at the moment. Sooner or later it will come down. How and when we do not know, but do not be surprised if or when it comes down, either in an earthquake, by some rocket which strays off course, or by some other method.

We can assume that the Muslims will not simply give it to Israel, but who knows.

Also, since the new temple will be dedicated at the mid-point of the Tribulation, which is three-and-a-half years into the Tribulation, and since one might assume that the construction of a new temple will take somewhat longer than that, then it stands to reason that at some time during our dispensation the mosque that is there will somehow come down. But again, who knows. It could all happen rapidly immediately after the Rapture.

And since we do not know when the Rapture will occur, do not begin predicting dates, as many did when Israel became a nation back in 1948. A demolished mosque could sit in rubble for decades with everyone arguing over the site.

Anyway that is all sort of speculation as to what or when things may or may not happen.

The point here is that, Gods indignation, or discipline against Israel, will be short lived. The term, a little while, means a short time, and not something that will go on and on indefinitely.

Since Isaiah wrote these words, many, many, many centuries have passed. That cannot be interpreted as 'a little while.' Assyria took their turn, Babylon took their turn, Persia took their turn, Greece took their turn, Rome took their term and finally destroyed the temple and the nation as it stood as a nation.

The nation did not resurface again until 1948. And, since that time, nearly everything in this world has rocketed skyward at an accelerated pace, just as Jesus said it would.

What remains is the 'Great Apostasy' which is supposed to occur near the end of our dispensation, together with whatever else needs to be in place before the Rapture will occur. And as to that, you can speculate until you are blue. Those things could range from the politics changes of the day, to larger population levels, to technology needed for folks to survive in the woods during the Tribulation, folks who would otherwise be clueless as to how to survive out in the wilderness, to the middle east running out of oil perhaps, to anything else you can think of that would be necessary before the Tribulation begins.

But in any case, when the Tribulation does occur, there will be only seven years remaining in human history, prior to the Kingdom of God being established. At the mid-point is when things get really ugly leaving only three-and-a-half years for that period to end, and that certainly can be considered 'a little while.'

Once Israel has been sufficiently punished and virtually destroyed, then God will turn His attention to those aggressors against Israel, and then execute their final destruction. That destruction will be thorough, total, and final.

God has a plan. Gods plan extends throughout all of history and was put into place in eternity past. Gods plan includes all of the details of every person, place, and thing throughout all of history. His plan includes you in every aspect of your life.

Despite Satan's attempts to disrupt Gods plan over the span of many thousands or millions of years, Satan will fail.

Despite your attempts to define your own personal plan in difference to that which God has in mind for you, you will ultimately fail as well.

God can manage a universe and beyond. You cannot manage your own life for even a minute without some semblance of Gods grace. Where then should you place your trust and priorities?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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