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Isaiah 10:28


28 He is come [bow'] to Aiath, [`Ay] he is passed [`abar] to Migron; [Migrown] at Michmash [Mikmac ] he hath laid up [paqad] his carriages: [kaliy] KJV-Interlinear


28 He has come against Aiath, He has passed through Migron; At Michmash he deposited his baggage. NASB


The invasion advances according to this prophecy, through Aiath, Migron, and Michmash.

Michmash is about nine miles north and slightly east of Jerusalem. Migron is a little more to the north and slightly east of Michmash by just a couple of miles. And, Aiath is a little further north and a bit east again from Migron. All three of these cities are within just a few miles of each other.

If you drew a line southwest of Shiloh to Jerusalem, then these cities would fall parallel along that line but slightly to the east as the armies advance southwestward toward Jerusalem, eventually stopping at Nob (see verse 32).

Nob is almost directly east of Jerusalem, perhaps slightly to the north.

Note something here if you happen to have a bible map of that area with references to the conquest of Canaan by Joshua. You might have to look at several maps in order to get the general locations of these cities. Some of the cities have long since been lost to history, but archeology places their approximate locations with some degree of certainty.

When Christ returns at the Second Advent, then when His foot touches the ground on the Mt of Olives, then there will be a huge earthquake that will split the land moving it to the north and to the south making a giant valley from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. The army of that northern invasion force will be sitting right on top of that earthquake or a bit north of it.

You recall the study of verse 26 just the other day, as God will do to them as He did to the Egyptians with Moses' rod. The waters will cover them over from that huge valley which will connect the Dead Sea to the Med.

Now we have some important information being revealed here.

We have the advance path of the army. They will set up their equipment and supplies are Michmash. That is what the carriages refer to. These are the logistical supply carts that carry the food and amo and supplies for the army.

When these days occur in the future in the Tribulation, there will be those in Jerusalem who will be defending the city against huge odds. They will be studying or at least made aware of this information. That will give them an advantage and some advanced preparation opportunities for making their defense as well as harassing the enemy forces.

Many commentaries attribute these verses to the advance of the Assyrians into Judah, however, that past history was completed without the destruction of the Assyrians. In the final days of history, the northern army will be stopped and ultimately destroyed.

Now understand one more thing. There are other references to the northern army commanders as they move against Jerusalem. In other passages (Gog, Magog) are described a much larger battle field that covers the entire Middle East, wherein the armies of the south push northward and then are double crossed by the armies of the north who sweep down through Israel into Africa. This is followed by counter-attacks by the armies of the east and the west.

But the initial invasion will see most of the cities and region passed by as the northern army will seek to control the entire region, and then will be followed by other units that will begin taking control of the territory city by city.

Jerusalem is of course the ultimate objective. For those studies you have to review Ezekiel and Zachariah as well as Revelation.

But for the moment, we have a specific advance of the northern army, the leadership command unit, moving along a line, advancing to the southwest through specific cities and setting up their main logistical supply site.

And when we get to verse 32, he will shake his fist at Jerusalem. Do you know why?

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