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Isaiah 10:29


29 They are gone over [`abar] the passage: [ma`abar] they have taken up their lodging [malown] at Geba; [Geba`] Ramah [Ramah] is afraid; [charad] Gibeah [Gib`ah] of Saul [Sha'uwl] is fled. [nuwc] KJV-Interlinear


29 They have gone through the pass, saying, "Geba will be our lodging place." Ramah is terrified, and Gibeah of Saul has fled away. NASB


The passage, 'maabar,' refers to a crossing of a river or stream, but it can also refer to a narrow pass through which an army can travel.

The passage is not specified, but it could not have been the crossing of the Jordan River because all of these landmarks are already on the west side of the Jordan.

In 1 Sam 13:23, the 'passage of Michmash' is mentioned as the boundary of the garrison of the Philistines.

Between Jeba and Mukhmas there is a steep valley, which is probably the passage referred to. This valley, runs into another that joins it on the north, and then comes out on the plain near Jericho. In the valley are two hills having steep rocky sides, which are probably the rocks mentioned, in connection with Jonathan's adventure, as a narrow way between the rock Bozez on the one side, and Seneh on the other, 1 Sam 14:4-5.

This valley is the dividing line between the tribes of Ephraim and Benjamin, for Geba on the south side of this valley was the northern limit of Judah and Benjamin, 2 Kings 23:8. And Bethel on its north side was on the southern border of Ephraim, Judg 16:1-2.

This was an important place, and could normally be easily defended.

So, by the invading army's having passed this place means an unhindered advance toward Jerusalem, showing that nothing impeded their progress, and that its leaders were rapidly moving with their army toward the city of Jerusalem.

Once the units of the northern army have passed through the pass, then they set up their headquarters near Geba.

Geba was a city located in the tribe of Benjamin just outside of the northern boundary of Judah, 1 Kg. 15:22.

Ramah, meaning elevated ground, is to the east between Geba and Gibeah. The residents there are shuddering with fear. Their state of mind is not one of defense or even of surrender, but one of paralysis in fear.

Gibeah was the birthplace of Saul, 1 Sam. 11:4; 15:34; 2 Sam. 21:6, and is so mentioned in order to distinguish it from the other Gibeah's, one in Judah and one where Eleazar was buried. This city is within the boundary of tribe of Benjamin. And again showing the advance of the enemy not yet into the boundary of the Tribe of Judah.

Gibeah is fled, means that they all left in a hurry. The meaning of fled here is to be put in commotion, to abandon, to leave in a hurry, to run in panic.

They were at least thinking, and since the invasion is coming rapidly from the northeast, then it is reasonable to assume that they will head toward the safety Jerusalem to the southwest.

This also shows that the invasion was rapid, unexpected, and caught the general population off guard. That means that they did not know doctrine, or at least this portion of Isaiah.

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