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Isaiah 11:10


10 And in that day [yowm] there shall be a root [sheresh] of Jesse, [Yishay] which shall stand [`amad] for an ensign [nec] of the people; [`am] to it shall the Gentiles [gowy] seek: [darash] and his rest [manuwchah] shall be glorious. [kabowd] KJV-Interlinear


10 Then it will come about in that day That the nations will resort to the root of Jesse, Who will stand as a signal for the peoples; And His resting place will be glorious. NASB


In that day, is a reference to this messianic passage, when the Messiah will take the reigns of rulership in the Kingdom of God, which is still future.

The root of Jesse, refers to the tree of Jesse, which tree refers to him as a person and to his life, but now has died and has been dead and gone since those distant ancient times. But within that tree remains a stump and within that dead stump there remains a living root, which will spring out and grow into yet another tree from that same tree.

This of course defines the family line of the Messiah, and narrows it down to the family of Jesse. In other passages it is narrowed down even more to David and thus on eventually to Joseph and Mary. This eliminates all other competition and claims of messiahship from other sources and religions and refers exclusively to Jesus Christ.

From that root, will spring out the Savior, Jesus Christ and to Him, all nations, both Jew and Gentile, will seek Him as their lord and savior.

Thus from these words, the Messiah was not exclusive to the Jewish people, but was there for all peoples the world over. Likewise, the Kingdom of God, which we often times call the Millennium, will not be exclusive to the Jewish people, but there will be many gentiles who will survive and be delivered at the end of the Tribulation and of who will enter into the Millennium as well.

And He shall stand, will be conspicuous, will be well known by all, without exception throughout His reign.

For one-thousand years, everyone will know who and what Christ is. He will not be an unknown to anyone.

This too, points out the dramatic impact and thoroughness of His rule for His entire reign.

Thus far, Isaiah has pointed out His birth, His personal characteristics, His policy, the results of His policy on life and the environment the world over. These things and many more, will be well known and understood and understood that all is due to the rule of Christ, and for no other reason.

An ensign, is a banner, a flag, a symbol, around which or to which all troops rally. So too, Jesus Christ will be the person to whom all peoples will rally and look to.

The gentiles will seek Him, meaning obviously that there will be gentile peoples living in the Millennium.

And His rest will be glorious.

His rest here is all inclusive, referring to peace, tranquility, security, happiness, prosperity, wealth, burden free, worry free, anxiety free, the dreamed of perfect life. These all, will be caused and provided and maintained and sustained by Jesus Christ.

And one wonders just how anyone in the Millennium could reject Him as the Savior. But unfortunately, a perfect environment is not the answer to the question of salvation or a relationship with God. Only faith in Christ is the one and only answer. Therefore ones environment, ones circumstances are irrelevant to salvation.

Glorious, means phenomenal. There will never be a life in this world that will be like life in the Millennium.

Those who survive the Tribulation, will come out of the most horrendous time in all of human history, and so they will see firsthand the huge differences between the two.

Those who will be born during the Millennium, will never know the hardships of life that have occurred throughout history, and so they will never have anything to compare life to, except from the stories that they are told by their parents. But hearing about an experience, and living that experience are two vastly different things. It will be difficult to comprehend something that you have never experienced firsthand.

The Lords Kingdom during the Millennium, will be the most phenomenal period of time, with the most phenomenal and dramatic changes to the environment, to animals, to the lifespans of people, even to the general day to day lifestyle for all.

It will be impossible to figure out how to improve on anything, as life is perfect in almost every way.

It will be impossible to criticize any aspect of life for those very same reasons.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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