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Isaiah 11:14


14 But they shall fly [`uwph] upon the shoulders [katheph] of the Philistines [Palishtiy] toward the west; [yam] they shall spoil [bazaz] them [ben] of the east [qedem] together: [yachad] they shall lay [mishlowach] their hand [yad] upon Edom ['Edom] and Moab; [Mow'ab] and the children [ben] of Ammon [`Ammown] shall obey [mishma`ath] them. KJV-Interlinear


14 And they will swoop down on the slopes of the Philistines on the west; Together they will plunder the sons of the east; They will possess Edom and Moab; And the sons of Ammon will be subject to them. NASB


The subject of this chapter is the sudden and awesome changes that will occur after the Second Advent, when Christ returns and takes the throne or rulership.

When an invading force is powerful and invades suddenly such that it overwhelms its enemies, then what occurs is being described here in a symbolic way.

The Philistines lived on the southwestern side of the land of Canaan, which is to the west of Judea.

Edom was situated to the south, while Moab was to the east on both sides of the Jordan River.

Ammon was to the southeast of Judea.

So all of these countries were historical and the usual enemies with which Judah and Israel had to fight over and over again from the time of the judges through the time of David, and after the split of the nation following the death of Solomon.

But when Christ returns, the tables will be turned. Christ Himself will defeat all enemies which will exist across the entire planet.

But after a victory in any given battle, there is a collection of the spoils, not only from the battle field, but from the home countries that have been defeated.

All of these countries which have historically surrounded Israel, will be defeated and in fact they will be unpopulated. There will not be a living soul within any of them. Certainly no enemies will be alive.

This leaves them wide open for the taking of anything and everything that they once possessed.

To fly upon the shoulders, is a figure of speech which describes the fast the furious taking of possession of these lands and property. There is nothing to stop it and no one to prevent it.

The shoulder is that of a man or a beast, but it is also a word that represents the border of a country. And so the Jewish people will make a rapid descent across all borders, which those borders no longer exist as a barrier.

To spoil them says it all. Those who will survive and move in to the Millennium, will have at their disposal phenomenal wealth and resources, simply for the taking.

To lay their hand, is another figure of speech, which indicates the ease of the taking and the lack of any opposition.

The children of Ammon, will obey. Ammon was a country that existed long ago, but they have descendants, both in physical offspring as well as in the pattern of attitude against the Jews. Obedience here means defeated, subdued, and therefore obedient. With everyone dead, there is no one to be disobedient, no one to oppose, no one to hinder the occupation of these lands.

Therefore the Jews will rule and occupy all that they take, with no opposition.

This verse describes the rapid advance of Christs victory, on the neighboring countries.

After delivering Jerusalem and therefore Israel, who had occupying forces within their borders, now the borders will be extended and no longer be a hindrance, and now the Jews will occupy those neighboring lands, and own them. After all they no longer have any living owners.

This verse also indicates that the remnant who will be delivered, will not be a humble dozen or so of people, but that number will be rather significant.

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