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Isaiah 12:2


2 Behold, God ['el] is my salvation; [yashuw`ah] I will trust, [batach] and not be afraid: [pachad] for the LORD [Yahh] JEHOVAH [Yahovah] is my strength [`oz] and my song; [zimrath] he also is become my salvation. [yashuw`ah] KJV-Interlinear


2 "Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; For the Lord God is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation." NASB


The word, 'el,' is a name for deity and means strength, power, strong, almighty.

Lord, 'yahh,' means sacred one, or a vehement statement of force behind the word Lord.

Jehovah, is the typical word used of the God of the Israelites, as opposed to all other gods that the world invents. It is the second person of the trinity, and the personal name for the Messiah. It means self-existent one, or eternal one. This is also a form of the first person name of God, which was given to Moses, 'I Am,' or 'ehyeh,' which too means, I am the self-existent one, when spoken to Moses, God identified Himself as the actual God Himself speaking directly to Moses and not a voice that was speaking through some intermediate method of communication. That made it very dramatic and fearful for Moses to be speaking directly with God.

And so we have here, that God the one and only God, the true and self-extent one, is the source of salvation.

Salvation, comes from no other source but God.

Not from any other invented god, for all other gods are invented. Not from some world philosophy, which too is invented with complete disregard for God and truth. Not from wishes, not from good intentions, not from sincerity, not from any angel or animal of celestial body, not from any other source.

The God, the one and only God of Israel, who is the Messiah, who was born to Mary, and named Jesus, this one is the source of salvation, and there is no other salvation in existence.

And quoting for the song of Moses, Ex. 15, God is our source of strength. He is our life. He is our will. He is our confidence. He is our wisdom and knowledge. For God is both living and written. And as to the living, He is real. And as to written, that is our connection to reality and understanding and orientation and life.

And song, points to the music of fulfillment and happiness and contentment welling out from within ones soul.

Music is an expression of emotion and appreciation and contentment and happiness, and music from within ones soul often times cannot be expressed in terms of words, but in deep feelings of thought that too, have difficulty in finding the right words to express them, thus the song, the music, the deep expressions for which there are no words.

To become my salvation, is an expression repeated here for the spiritual life after salvation.

Salvation occurs in a single moment and is complete. But after salvation, a person lives on for decades and decades and such. Life after being saved, incorporates the whole growing up process, the whole learning process, the gaining of knowledge and wisdom and understanding, and all of that leads to an even greater song, that is a mature adults version of a younger persons song, but with greater depth and personal meaning.

And often times in life you will arrive at a place when all you have is your deep inner feelings. Typically they are connected with extreme grief or sorrow or anxieties when pleading for relief or help. But this is the similar expression herein described, but from the perspective of having been delivered from some form of extreme trial.

Those folks who will be delivered out from the extremes of the Tribulation, will have endured through the most terrible time in all of human history and as such their inner expressions will be overpowering.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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