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Isaiah 13:1


1 The burden [massa'] of Babylon, [Babel] which Isaiah [Yasha`yah] the son [ben] of Amoz ['Amowts] did see. [chazah] KJV-Interlinear


13 The oracle concerning Babylon which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw. NASB


This chapter begins a series of prophecies that continue until chapter twenty-three.

All are connected with the word, 'massa,' usually translated burden, but it also means prophecy, utterance, doom, heavy weight as in a burden too heavy to carry.

This prophecy is intended to convey the idea of extremely important information that carries with it the heavy burden of truth, the burden of conveying the information, and certainly the burden on the target of the information, which in this chapter happens to be Babylon, that at the time of Isaiah's writing, did not exist.

Isaiah or 'Jesahiahu' means salvation of the Lord, from chapter one. And here, 'Yashayah,' meaning Jah has saved, or the Lord has saved. He is the son of Amoz, and 'strong' is the meaning of his dads name.

During Isaiah's early life, the nations to the north were Samaria, which is the northern half of the split nation of Israel, which also called itself Israel. And Judah to the south, was the other half of the nation.

Samaria consisted of ten of the tribes of Israel, while Judah was combined with Benjamin, making up the remainder of the nation.

To the north of Samaria was Syria, and then beyond that was Assyria. Babylonia, not Babylon, coexisted within Assyria and those two fought for centuries but never ruled each other as such.

Later Assyria would succumb to Babylon as Babylon will become the first empire listed as such by Daniel.

So, this prophecy is a reference to the vast region to the north, now controlled by several nations, but will end up under the control of Babylon.

Babylon is also a reference to Babel where a great apostasy existed in mans attempt to build a tower to make himself equal with God.

This prophecy is a condemnation of Babylon for its rejection of God and truth, and for its actions taken in history against Gods chosen people, which is in effect a rejection and an interference with Gods plan.

The penalty for this violation does not come lightly, but is a very heavy and weighty decision to sentence that and those transgressions to a most severe penalty of total destruction.

The demise of Babylon will occur later, but the total concept of this prophecy is targeted for the last days of history, as are most of the prophecies, when Christ returns and totally destroys all evil at the second advent.

God is patient and even when given thousands of years of history to get things right, humanity fails with one nation and empire after another and will continue to do so until the end of the Tribulation.

Isaiah says that he saw this prophecy. To see, 'chazah,' means to understand, to comprehend, to gaze, to perceive, to contemplate.

Regardless of how the specifics of this information came to Isaiah, the point here is that he thought out its details thoroughly and understood them completely. Thus the burden of the knowledge and of its repercussions and decisions which the Lord made clear and certain.

There was no doubt in Isaiah's mind but that these events were going to occur, without exception. And so he related them within this prophecy to a people who by in large would ignore them, as history has demonstrated even up to our current day, and will continue to demonstrate mans indifference right up until the end of history.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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