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Isaiah 13:10


10 For the stars [kowkab] of heaven [shamayim] and the constellations [Kaciyl] thereof shall not give [halal] their light ['owr]: the sun [shemesh] shall be darkened [chashak] in his going forth [yatsa'], and the moon [yareach] shall not cause her light ['owr] to shine [nagahh]. KJV-Interlinear


10 For the stars of heaven and their constellations Will not flash forth their light; The sun will be dark when it rises, And the moon will not shed its light.  NASB


The stars of heaven is simply the reference to the stars in the night sky.

However the word for constellations, 'kaciyl,' is a reference to the orions, or to the various star constellations, but with a specific reference to Orion which can be seen by everyone all over the planet.

Orion was resented as the great hunter in Greek mythology, and in other cultures around the world was noted as a messenger to the gods, as the devourer of enemies and other similar attributes.

But, a form of the word, 'kaciyl,' also means fat or burly, stupid or silly or foolish, and thus comes to mean, to be stupid, or to be foolish, or to be fattened with foolishness.

The Hebrew word for Orion means fool, as in one who is foolish to oppose God.

And so here there are two connotations for this verse. First the actual light from the stars will be blocked out, and second, the attitude and beliefs of people or society in general in placing their trust in empty philosophies such as looking to the stars or to the constellations for guidance, will also disappear from view.

Whatever hope or resources that people have become accustomed to in various objects or beliefs, will vanish, because they are false in the first place, of no substance in the second place, and amount to phenomenal foolishness by a spiritually dysfunctional people, who lack truth.

When you lack truth, you are wide open to the foolish ideas of this world.

There are two events of supernatural darkness in history that are similar, both documented in Matt. 27:45 and Matt. 24:29.

The first total darkness occurred at the time of the Crucifixion when Christ was experiencing the actual judgment during those three hours on the Cross on that Passover afternoon from noon until 3 o'clock.

The second event of total darkness will occur immediately prior to the Second Advent. Where in all light from whatever source, will suddenly cease, and total darkness, a real total darkness in which there is no light, will occur for a period of time.

This will lead to the confusion and terror of that day.

The stars of course are able to generate their own light. The sun is able to generate its own light, but the moon merely reflects light from the sun.

This is not symbolic but describes a very real event wherein the light from these sources will cease to be seen. It does not mean that they will simply cease as stars or suns, but that the light emanating from them will not be seen.

On both the day side of the planet and the night side of the planet, all light will vanish. How this will occur is not explained. One might think that the many violent activities with war, with fire and smoke, with exploding volcanoes and such will fill the sky with dust and smoke such that the light is blocked out.

However, when Christ does return and with all of the hosts of armies right behind Him, all will be seen with clarity and in all their glory.

Shall not give their light, 'halal,' means to shine, to boast, to make a show, to rave, to be foolish. And again this is a reference to the many worldly or earthly or celestial things that people have come to depend on, and are now instantly gone.

The implication here is not of heavy clouds, or smoke or some form of natural blockage of light, but of some supernatural means that will prevent the light from being seen on earth.

If people saw smoky skies, they would not notice the unusual darkness as they would attribute it to the natural events that are occurring. If they saw an eclipse, then that too would be described as a natural event.

But here the light ceases with no apparent explanation, thus causing extreme fear, because there is no explanation as to why the light suddenly stopped.

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