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Isaiah 13:22


22 And the wild beasts of the islands ['iy] shall cry [`anah] in their desolate houses ['almanah], and dragons [tanniyn] in their pleasant [`oneg] palaces [heykal]: and her time [`eth] is near [qarowb] to come [bow'], and her days [yowm] shall not be prolonged [mashak]. KJV-Interlinear


22 And hyenas will howl in their fortified towers And jackals in their luxurious palaces. Her fateful time also will soon come And her days will not be prolonged.  NASB


In a continuation of the previous verse, the phrase, wild beasts, ‘iy,’ refers to creatures that typically howl, such as jackals or hyenas or wolves.

The word for dragons, generally refers to both marine or land creatures that swim or crawl along, such as lizards or alligators or crocodiles, or creatures of that sort.

This continues the scene of a destroyed Babylon, that once was a thriving and prosperous metropolis, and now at the time of this occurrence, which is still future and a part of all of the end of days or end of the world events, will become an empty and destroyed and desolate area.

The important aspect of this verse and of this chapter, is summed up in the last line of this verse, ‘and her days will not be prolonged.’

This indicates the certainty of something that is going to happen in the future.

This also indicates the certainty of generations of people, from the time that Isaiah first wrote this, who have lived in all of the centuries and millennia that have transpired since Isaiah’s time, and will continue to pass, up until the end of human history, that all of those generations all those billions and billions and perhaps trillions of people, will ignore these words because they seem rather dramatic, they seem as though they are empty words by an unbelieving public, and that is the very reason why these future events will occur.

Unfortunately, most people do not take the Bible seriously. And those who are interested in the Bible only have a superficial interest, a pretense interest, or people who are more impressed about themselves, rather than wanting to genuinely learn what the Bible has to say, and why the Bible reveals this information for our benefit.

Most people think, that if this has already happened in the past, then so what! Or, if this is something that’s going to happen in the distant future, then what does it have to do with us now?

And the point is, that God gave us information so that we can grow in our individual spiritual lives, and build our relationship with him, even though these things might have nothing to do with us, or even involve us.

But there will be people that will be affected by these things, and this information, though small, maybe all that they have to help get them through their trying times.

When Isaiah wrote these words, Babylon as an empire did not exist. It would still be another one hundred and seventy years before the fall of Babylon, and so a completely different future generation at that time, would look to Isaiah’s words for comfort and hope.

When the end of the world comes, and it will come regardless of whether you believe that or not, then there will be people who at that time, will be looking to God and Christ, and these words of Isaiah may very well be the only words they have to cling to, knowing that those then terrible times will come to an end.

Babylon was a city that existed in ancient times. Babylon was a nation, and an empire whose borders extended to most of the then known populated world. Babylon is a term that is representative of worldly activity, of worldly expansion, of worldly prosperity, of worldly conquest. And all of this without any concern or interest in God or human history, or the angelic conflict.

Babylon represents human interests, guided by human opinions, in pursuit of human objectives, based on human plans.

In the end result is not only total destruction, but total self-destruction.

All of human history is a compilation of segments or chapters, that when put together piece by piece, make up the entire picture of humanity.

It’s the same with our individual lives. We go through different segments or small micro chapters of our own lives, from our infancy until the time God removes us from this world.

With each new segment of our life we have a beginning, we learn something within that segment, and then it closes making way for the next segment of our life, and the next experience or learning opportunity where we can learn about God and truth, or we can continue the same old habits and not really learn anything.

But sooner or later, a higher power will say, ‘Enough.’ In that case we are removed from this world.

Since the time of Adam and Eve, well over a hundred and twenty generations, and perhaps more, have come and gone. Every single individual has had an opportunity to know of God and to know God, but in most cases indifference and human priorities have prevented people from not only learning of their self-value, but has prevented people from achieving their self-value.

In the next few chapters, Isaiah will warn of the destruction that is certain to come, and he will also provide assurance of the safety that is available through Christ. But over the next twenty-seven hundred years and more, since Isaiah’s time up until our current time, and still well into the future perhaps for another hundred years, people have and will disregard his words as though they have no value, in pursuit of their own value, which will only end in failed individual lives, and in failed human history.

Even though the path and pattern of human history will not change, your path in your life can change merely by a change in attitude from within yourself, and your decision to pursue your spiritual life as God intends for you. And that is simplest plan to follow and achieve, merely by committing yourself to a daily study the word of God.

Pursuing the worlds method means guaranteed failure. Pursuing Gods plan, means guaranteed success.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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