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Isaiah 14:2


2 And the people [`am] shall take [laqach] them, and bring [bow'] them to their place [maqowm]: and the house [bayith] of Israel [Yisra'el] shall possess [nachal] them in the land ['adamah] of the LORD [Yahovah] for servants [`ebed] and handmaids [shiphchah]: and they shall take them captives [shabah], whose captives [shabah] they were; and they shall rule [radah] over their oppressors [nagas]. KJV-Interlinear


2 And the peoples will take them along and bring them to their place, and the house of Israel will possess them as an inheritance in the land of the Lord as male servants and female servants; and they will take their captors captive, and will rule over their oppressors. NASB


The word for people, ‘am,’ refers to a congregated unit or group or groups. And in our verse this is a reference to non-Jewish peoples.

Just a quick reminder, that these prophecies have not yet been fulfilled in history.

Even though we have many similarities in past historical events, none of those events have matched up precisely with every aspect of these prophecies.

These apply to the final days of the tribulation, or to the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ.

Our current verse applies to the very beginning of the millennial reign of Christ, immediately following the Second Advent, which was at the close of the tribulation.

Remember, at the end of the tribulation the massive Armageddon war will have destroyed virtually the entire planet, leaving no one alive on the planet, once Christ destroys all evil people, except those believers in Christ, which will include both Jews and Gentiles, that will be rescued by Christ upon his return.

Anyone and everyone who will have oppressed the Jewish people prior to the Second Advent, will be dead and gone.

And though it’s an obvious and simple point, it’s important for the understanding of our current verse.

Our verse opens up with the actions of non-Jewish peoples, bringing Jewish peoples, back to Israel from wherever they were in the world.

Just as it is today, so too then in the future, Jewish people will be living all over the world. And even during the tribulation no matter where they are in the world they will be under persecution. Those Jewish people who believe in Christ during that future time, and successfully hide or somehow survive through the tribulation until Second Advent, will have to get from wherever they are, to the Middle East by some means.

Likewise, there will be a lot of non-Jewish people who will have believed in Christ, and who will have survived until Second Advent, and they too will be heading toward the Middle East and Israel, and they will take with them or help in the transportation of the Jewish people that are scattered all over the world.

At that future time in history, everyone will be rejoicing at the return of Christ. Since there will be no more evil rulers, no more evil religions, no more evil philosophies, and such things, then Christ and truth and doctrine will rule.

The house of the Lord here, is a reference to his entire kingdom, which will be planet earth. Therefore, the people, all people, will become possessions of God’s kingdom, or as we would typically say, citizens of this one world nation of God.

And, as it were, when people are citizens of the nation, then they live and serve their lives within the boundaries and laws of that nation.

Anyone who lives within a nation is subject to the laws of that nation. And so too, the future citizens of God’s kingdom here on earth, will be subject to Christ and doctrine, from which all truth comes.

The oppressors of the Jewish people will be long gone, actually they will be dead and gone. And with them their evil ways and their evil philosophies, and everything evil about them will be gone.

With all evil peoples gone, and Satan incarcerated in the abyss for the entire duration of the millennial reign of Christ, then all evil philosophies and religions and such things that Satan is the author of, will likewise be incarcerated, with its influence set apart from inhabitants of planet Earth during the reign of Christ.

Therefore truth and doctrine will rule, and all of the ridiculous inventions and philosophies and religions of Satan and man will not exist, and will not be able to derail the rule of Christ.

Prior to the millennial reign of Christ, we are all captives and prisoners of the burdens and stresses and troubles and problems that come with living in this world.

During the reign of Christ, all those things will be gone. Truth will reign, and all of the evil influences that originated with Satan will be locked up and sequestered and in effect become captive to truth.

The truths of Christ will rule, and evil will not even have an influence during his reign.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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