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Isaiah 14:10

10 All they shall speak [`anah] and say ['amar] unto thee, Art thou also become weak [chalah] as we? art thou become like [mashal] unto us?  KJV-Interlinear


10 "They will all respond and say to you, 'Even you have been made weak as we, You have become like us.  NASB


The Bible portrays Babylon as the greatest of the great. King Nebuchadnezzar, when he had his dream that Daniel translated, in which there was a head of gold, portrayed the empire as the greatest of the empires, while the remaining empires portrayed in the dream were shown as empires of less greatness, deteriorating down through the ages until the last and final empire which will be the empire of the antichrist during the tribulation, which will be the worst and most corrupt of all of the empires throughout all of history.

Babylon, being the greatest of the great, fell from its greatness rather rapidly.

Kings and great warriors and celebrities of all sorts throughout history, likewise also fall from their greatness sooner or later, because time and death creeps up on them as it does everyone.

Those that have believed in the Savior, of course go to heaven. And back in Isaiah’s day their destination was Paradise, the compartment in the underworld reserved for believers during the time in history prior to the cross.

However, those that did not believe in the Savior but instead rejected him, were bound for Torments, which is the compartment in the underworld called Hades, that is reserved for human unbelievers.

Kings and leaders and celebrities and great people of all kinds throughout the ages, who rejected the Savior, who is Jesus Christ, every one of them have ended up in Torments.

And now at the end of history, which is the timeframe for our verse in this study, when all of the great ones from that last and final empire are destroyed, their destination will be Torments as well.

While alive in this world, the unbelievers who perceive themselves as great or elite or celebrated by the world, and they pursue the pomp and parties and luxuries of life. They never see the end of themselves or of their way of life, but pursue life with great arrogance and ego and a sense of superiority which they believe is at the hands of their own making.

But when life ends for them as it does everyone, and they are headed towards the land of the dead, then we have this phrase here written by Isaiah, that points out the great sarcasm and mocking from the source of their destination, which is Torments, which is a far cry from the elite life and luxury and heights which they enjoyed in life, and presume they would have forever.

And so the fall from greatness comes swiftly. When the heartbeat stops, when there is no more pulse, when the soul leaves the body, then there is a sudden shock in the realization that a person has absolutely no control over their life when it all comes to an end.

No one can prevent the end of their life, and certainly leaders and kings and celebrities do not possess that ability either.

In the comments, ‘have you become weak,’ ‘are you like us?’ Are a bit of sarcasm, not coming from the occupants in Hades, but from the source and nature of their destination, which is certainly not what they expected or presumed would be their destiny.

In a couple of more verses were going to see a correlation between the arrogance of Satan, whose former name was Lucifer, and the attitudes and the self-perception of the unbelieving elite of the world.

They both rejected God, and they both had unrealistic and false views and opinions of themselves.

While on this earth, all blessings come from God and from no other source. Some people recognize that principle and direct their lives and their gifts through their spiritual life.

Unfortunately there are many people who have phenomenal blessings and gifts, but they have the opinion that they are of their doing, and they focus all of their prosperity or wealth or good fortune or status with an elite attitude.

But the ultimate truth of life, comes at the moment of your death. It is far better to realize that truth while you are alive so you can get on track with the life that God has designed for you, rather than discovering it all too late, after you die.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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